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Remembering Grandma & Grandpa

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Posted 10-16-2008 at 08:30 AM by Ms_Speedy_Elf

I have the fondest memories of my maternal grandparent's.(I think that what your mom's parent's are called)

I used to spend the weekends with them and when school was out stay with them the entire time.

My grandma was a sweet little lady .Only about 5 foot tall and didn't even weigh 100 lbs. She says the only time she ever weighed more was when she was pregnant.Grandma was feisty and didn't like to loose when she played card's. To give you a visual idea ,she kinda looked like Granny Clampett.I remember when she cooked her spagetti and made her own sauce ,using enough garlic that it would ward of the vampire's .(smile)

Grandpa was gentle,kind hearted man. Never heard him say an ill word about anyone. He always wore bib bib alls and when he went outside he wore a straw hat. I can most recall him setting at the dining room table playing solitaire or working the crossword puzzle in the news paper. He used Carnation milk on his Honeycombs cereal.Such an unselfish man . He 'd let me sleep with grandma and he'd sleep in the spare room so I wouldn't be afraid sleeping alone .Whenever he walked to town ,he'd kiss grandma and say "Love you mommy" After my grandpa passed it was hard for me to go to visit grandma ,as when I set in the living room I could still see him setting at the dining room table.

My grandparent's have been gone now for a little over 20 year's and they are always on my heart ,but the memories are especially reawakened this time of year as Christmas draws close ,as we would go there for Christmas dinner and to get more present's.The living room would be over flowing with present's of all shape's and size's.I remember the time my brother got in trouble for eatting an entire bag of orange's that my aunt had put on the platter on the round coffee table that rotated.

I was given a set of poetry book's that belonged to grandpa and I have a quilt that belonged to grandma . Also have a table top old time radio that belonged to the both of them.

Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa.I love you both and miss you dearly .

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