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Welcome to our newest member, EQLT
Most of the postings found herein are of a Seasonal Musical Kind. Playlists from a show called "Mistletoe Mix" on Kringle Radio & Merry Christmas Radio will be found as well as general musings of lyrical & melodically significance as applicable to Christmas music and the enjoyment thereof.

However, the proverbial right for straying from the musical notes and verse is respectfully hereby instated to include the wanderings therefrom a mind that may every now and again think of something else of which to set to prose.

Welcome! Pull up an earphone or speaker and enjoy!
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The Excitement Is Building!

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Posted 12-18-2008 at 11:01 AM by RadioJonD

The weekend before Christmas is always the most enjoyable part of the season for me! Thatís when all of my favorite radio shows air their Christmas specials! Of course, you already knew that didnít you?

As a Christmas music junkie looking for a fix, nothing can be finer than listening to all the special radio shows featuring great Tunes of Yule that more than likely wonít be heard anywhere else on the radio dial.

Some commercial broadcast stations have been playing non-stop Christmas music since before Thanksgiving! For the casual music listener the same twenty-five to one hundred tried and true Christmas traditional over and over again might be okay; ainít nothing wrong with that! However, what bugs us deep music aficionados the most is all the wasted music overlooked by mainstream media! There are literally tons of offerings out there by artists ten times better than what youíll hear on corporate broadcast vampire radio!

That is why each year all my recording resources are trained toward that special programming overlooked by most! Thatís also why I offer my Radio World to you as an alternative to commercial radio and even (dare I say it?!? Dare! Dare!) Television! Check it out! You wonít be disappointed!; unless you are a die hard traditionalist. Then, youíre only cheating yourself and others around you.

At blog post time there are well over six thousand views to this thread! Thank you very much for reading! Iím very much interested in who and how many of you are actually taking advantage of the post content. Are you listening? Are you looking for/finding similar programming (please share!)? Are you recording/archiving? I will admit that I had hoped to get as many as possible to contribute to the mix. To that end, Iím disappointed. I always hope to discover new programs to add to my list! Your interest and participation level will greatly help determine if we do it all again for 2009 and beyond.
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