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Janary 8th, 2010

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Posted 01-08-2010 at 01:04 PM by Sapsorrow

Happy New Year, happy new blog!

According to my handy Wilson's Almanac, today is Jackson's Day, commemorating the day Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans. This occurred two weeks after the peace treaty ending the War of 1812 was signed, but the French in me thinks that's all right. Apparently the French in the New Orleanians feels the same way, since LA celebrates this day even now.

To make a long story short, Christmas 2009 didn't really happen. It was terribly sad because our eldest has been positively vibrating with Christmas spirit since she first spotted a tree in October. But there was no money and we've been looking after our newborn. My new year's resolution was to make it up to them by planning throughout the year to throw a Christmas as magical as the one at my grandparents' that still haunts my memory. That Christmas will be my model, and I'll tell you about it, but it deserves an entry all its own.

My Christmas planning focus this January is, well, [I]planning[/I]! I also hope to reclaim my blanket chest for a Christmas trunk, but with two rowdy little ones, the youngest in the neediest stage, I'll be lenient with myself.

Today, I've simply laid out the scope of our 2010 Christmas (12/06/2010-1/6/2011). We'll introduce the season with a St. Nicholas Eve reveillion dinner party, during which we'll decorate our tree, and once the tree is up, we'll have Pere Noel pay a visit to hand out small gifts, sing songs, and tell stories. That means that I'll need to make the costume. Then, on Epiphany, we'll have a more relaxed family get together to take down our tree, eat three king cake, drink cappucino, and probably watch a last Christmas movie. During the season there'll be a caroling night if all goes as planned with cookies and hot chocolate at our place, and lastly we're having my family over on Christmas Day, so there'll need to be menus planned there as well.

As for gifts, the littlest "one to read" has arrived, and the oldest's is selected but not ordered. I haven't dared to guess their sizes, but we may give them the costume trunk for their "one to wear." I'm not sure about their "one they want" or "one they need," but we have a few things bought on sale for their stockings already. We'll be buying their big shared gift the first week of February, at the latest. If our summer business season does exceptionally well, we can add on to the big gift by fall. I ought to remember that a few things were gotten that they weren't ready for this year which will be given next year and may fill one of the categories, and also some snow toys for Pere Noel to bring.

I admit that my husband is always harder to get gifts for, but this year I managed to keep a list of everything he's mentioned off hand, so I think it will be simpler.

I'm a ways towards my goal of using 90% reusable wrapping material this year because I got a ton of red velvet Santa sacks on sale. When I get the velvet for Pere Noel's costume, I'll get extra for sacks of different sizes!
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