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Christmas Without Sugar?

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Posted 02-03-2010 at 09:18 PM by Sapsorrow

It's official: no refined sugar, and not much of the unprocessed stuff either. One portion or less of dessert type foods per day, and that's a real portion, not a restaurant portion. Sadly, that includes all sources of sweet, so I can't get away with a soda AND a cookie at the bookstore cafe, either. Well, unless I have a thimble of the one and a quarter of the other. Naturally, all of the above applies to alcohol as well, though I've only had two drinks in the last year and a half so that's hardly an impact. Nor are artificial sweeteners going to save me since they all make me sick, sick, sick!

That nips the great cookie bake tradition in the bud, as well as plans to take up candy making in 2011. It also undoes my plans for trimming the tree and our plans for breakfast (traditionally cinnamon buns with icing). I'm startled by how much my holidays are bound up in sweets! We rarely have snacks and most days the sweetest thing we have is fruit, often with cheese. I never anticipated having such raving severe hypoglycemia. I suppose I figured that watching my weight would protect me from developing it, but in this case genes are destiny. At least I'm in excellent company.

Well, this is hardly the end of the world. What should the new Christmas breakfast be? A rich brioche? Croissants with every so slightly sweet cheese fresh from the oven? Or something savory and full of protein? As for the tree: gilded and glittered fruits and nuts are traditional, too.
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