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Thinking of the Holidays

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Posted 07-01-2010 at 03:56 AM by kgstyles

This is the first blog I've ever done so here it goes. lol I'm 27 years old, born and raised in Chicago and I am married and I have 4 kids. I'm in the Air Force and am currently deployed to Afghanistan where I have been since January and will be until sometime in October. I LOVE Christmas!!!! It's my favorite holiday. I remember when I first joined MMC. It was November of 2006 and I was stationed in Las Vegas at the time and had been there for a few years and it doesn't snow there or anything and not too many people put up decorations and I was hating it cause like I said I love Christmas and it just didn't seem like it was even the season but it was. So I hopped online to find something to put me in the Christmas mood and I found MMC which is an awesome site and did the trick!!!! I don't post that much but I love reading all the posts by everybody else; it's interesting and I kinda feel like you guys are my home away from home cause I always think of Christmas and so do you all. lol I've been thinking about the holidays a lot lately since I've been here. I started training for my deployment last November 2 days after Thanksgiving so I was away for most of the season but I got to go home for the week of Christmas so I got to actually have some fun and enjoy it a little bit but not nearly as much as I wanted to. But if I make it through here alive I'll be able to celebrate the whole season this year with my new bride. I say make it through here alive becuase we have already lost 2 good soldiers from our unit and they had families and kids and I know they won't be able to celebrate it and that makes me sad...But I can't wait to get home!!! I should be home before Halloween which is awesome cause that's my wifes favorite holiday. We get all dressed up and go to parties and have a great time. And we carve pumpkins and go to haunted houses and to corn mazes and stuff like that. I also love taking my kids trick r treatin when I have them, it's a blast. Plus I love fall. All the trees turning colors and the weather getting cooler. But in Grand Forks, it's already snowing and hovering around zero by Halloween so it's hard to go trick r treatin sometimes. Then there is Thanksgiving which is also fun. Me and my wife both love the scented candles like pumpkin and everything. I'm stationed in Grand Forks, ND so I spend a lot of my time on holidays on the phone with my family and friends since I can't be with them. But I'm a cook in the AF so I do all of the cooking for the people that are with me on Thanksgiving. I love cooking for people and it's even better when they love it. lol My wife loves making me cook cause she knows I'm good at it and she really doesn't know how to but Im teaching her and she is learning. Then all the fun begins the day after Thanksgiving! I usually don't get up early to go shopping although I have once or twice. I usually just wait till about noon and then go shopping. I usually don't stay out too long cause that's also the day that all the Christmas decorations and the tree go up!!!! Its funny cause before I met my wifeI wasn't that into Halloween cause the older I got the more boring it seemed and when she met me she didn't really care for Christmas for the same reasons. But now I love Halloween again and she loves Christmas again so it worked out really well. lol I love to cook around the holidays! I buy all kinds of holiday cookbooks and make everything from main dishes to punches. And I LOVE EGG NOG!!! I also love beer. lol So I love the end of the year with all of the Christmas edition beers and ales that come out just for the season. Then I always buy a crap ton of presents for everybody that is on my list. I just love making peoples Christmas happy and memorable. I also love to drive around and just look at all the lights that people have decorated their houses and yards with. Even a single strand in a window makes me happy cause I know there is Christmas spirit in there. lol Then on Christmas night I sit back and relax and think of all of my family members and friends and all of the Christmas' past and wonder where I'll be next Christmas. Which is what I've been wondering all year. I can't wait for that moment this year cause I know I'll be home and with my wife and be happy and ready to end a crazy year and start a new one, finally. Merry Christmas everybody!!
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