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Furchildren, Polar Bears And Christmas In July

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Posted 07-24-2010 at 10:19 AM by caninemom3

Today is Christmas in July and a very Merry CHRISTmas to everyone !! As I sit here typing and thinking and reflecting I am also listening to Christmas music. Not just any Christmas music, although all of it is special to me. This is Nat King Cole Christmas music. I love this man. When The Christmas Song comes on wherever I am, I can't help it but I get tears in my eyes. He is the epitome of childhood Christmas memories to me not to mention one of the most expressive, smooth and talented singers and jazz pianists I have ever heard. The Christmas Song by Nat instantaneously brings all my childhood memories flooding back. And they are all good ones. I can see myself at the age of 9 or 10 and my parents, my brothers and my sister all around the tree on Christmas morning and there is a definite magic in the air, though most of the magic occured then and now on Christmas Eve. I see us laughing, talking exchanging gifts and hugs and I am of course the apple of everyones' eyes because I am the "baby". A surprise baby when my mother, Susy, was 40. Nevertheless I always knew I was loved and especially so on Christmas. We, my siblings and I and my parents were always ONE on Christmas Day even if we were not that way sometimes off and on throught the rest of the year. On that day we were a FAMILY. I miss them, all of them, except my sister who by the grace of our God, is still with me. When I was still a baby I can remember my brothers and sister singing to me at Christmastime....."Glory to the newborn King..." I still hear them, see them as they were, singing to me. How could I have gotten so lucky to have such a caring family ?? Another gift from the One who should be receiving gifts.

I can remember always having "pets" when I was a child. Dogs and cats and I loved every single one of them with all my heart. My parents believed in teaching me that you must respect another living being and treat them gently with love and care. In fact, though some may find this odd or perhaps even a bit disgusting, I always felt the "pets" were just furry brothers and sisters, except in my case, they got all the good looks !! As I have "grown up" (not really, just chronologically) I have kept my feeling that they are "furchildren". I find the name "pets" offensive. Kind of like insinuating they are just for entertainment, not real citizens of their home, "just dogs and cats", not beings who can feel and who I feel have souls. They have always been so much more to me. When my first husband took his own life in 1992, if it had not been for these caring and unconditionally loving creatures I would not be here today. They are part of my soul, my being and part of who I am. I have become quite attached to another species of "furchildren" over the past few years and that is polar bears. Their plight became of extreme importance when I had realized they are indeed running out of ice and may die altogether as a species. Whether the warming is man made or not the facts remain the polar bear will be gone in just a short time unless somehow the ice returns. I wonder how we would feel if as humans our whole environment was shrinking day by day by day as fast as theirs is. To some folks I guess it doesn't matter about what happens to these magnificent creatures, after all they are just "animals", but it matters to me. I pray every day for not only the polar bears but also for all animals who are abused, neglected and tortured and I pray for our earth and for us as a species.

I have to say, just as a matter of making my own personal statement I also do not understand hatred or prejudice or bullying. I never have. I just don't get why if someone is "different" they have to be ridiculed or worse. I have experienced that kind of thing to a very mild degree and it is not only unneccessary but so hurtful. When I was in my early teens my father was going through a very difficult period where he was drinking constantly. I was very awkward and had to wear my sister's old clothes which made me stand out as a "misfit" even more given that she is 11 years older than I plus I had the normal adolescent skin problems. I also was not nor ever have been very pretty. So there was a kind of prejudice I felt. I did not have nice clothes and my face was awful. I was made fun of constantly so I know what kind of hurt words can bring. I know that it was largely because it was coming from immature junior high school students but it definitely has left its mark. I do not hate any of them. That would be so nonproductive and so contrary to what the Master said when he said LOVE ONE ANOTHER. They, I am sure, did not mean to traumatize me so forgiveness reigns. I actually over the years have run into a couple of folks I went to school with and they have been very warm, given me hugs, so truly I know it was not meant to be anything more than teasing. The bad things said to me were eons ago so let them rest.

I hope all my Christmas family here are having a wonderful, Merry CHRISTmas in July. It has been a very nice day for me sitting here with Nat giving a concert just for me !!! and also thinking about my family. May you all have warm, Christmas Eve/Christmas Day magic with you and yours today and always. Blessings

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    xmas365's Avatar
    I know how it feels to be picked on as a child, after my parents divorced 25 years ago, we moved to South Hadley (the town where Phoebe Prince took her life due to bullying back in January) and even back then the kids were ruthless to me and I was only in 5th grade. I was picked on because I am Irish, my mother could only afford to shop at Kmart for back to school clothes, I lived in an apartment and so on. It didn't get any easier for me as we moved to 5 different towns in the next 6 years, I was perpetually the "new kid" never making friends and easily picked on. I feel I am stronger because of it, but the bad thing is I am very anxious around new people, and extremely shy in person. You have been given a great gift to forgive people for hurting you, while I struggle with forgiving people who have hurt me or my loved ones. You are a great person and a friend who really cares about things around you. I always look forward to reading your posts and blogs.

    Posted 07-27-2010 at 09:40 AM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline

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