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My life and the book of eli

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Posted 08-31-2010 at 01:10 PM by caninemom3
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I actually feel inspired today. I have felt that way for a few days. In my last blog I was so sad but today I feel good, hopeful and I am not sure really why. You are going to think this is odd, but I believe this newfound hopefulness is all because of a movie I watched. It is called [I]The Book Of Eli. [/I]It stars Denzel Washington as Eli and the best actor to ever play a villain, Gary Oldman. I don't want to give away too much here in case any of you want to see it. It is about Eli who is a nomad, walking steadily to the West. In the beginning of the movie it is made clear there has been an apocalyptic event and the world is no longer like it has been. Money is not of value any longer but things like playing cards and lighters are !! Eli is on a mission from God and it is his mission to take his Book to the West for God's purpose. Though it is a fairly violent movie at times (which I hate, especially the first few minutes) it still inspires. As Eli continues on his quest to deliver his Book he meets many obstacles but he always fights for what he knows is right and true and never loses hope or faith in God or in his misson for God.

If I could do that, know what path God wants for me and continue on it, I know I would not only be much happier but a much better person. I am not like Eli. I let every little obstacle get in the way. I worry, I fret and I doubt and I am so human and have so many faults that I think I must be the worst person on Earth at times. I came away, as I said, from this movie feeling hopeful. I came away from the movie almost feeling God was speaking to me through it. "Don't worry, follow Me and know that I will always love you NO MATTER WHAT and even if you lose faith in me I will NOT LOSE FAITH IN YOU." Thank you, Father. I feel your blessed presence. Thank you for giving me hope again, even if it is through a movie. I hear your voice. For some reason now I know that you are with me, with all of us NO MATTER WHAT.
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  1. Old Comment
    Christmas-A-Holic's Avatar
    Awesome! I am glad to hear you were inspired by this movie. I have not seen it yet and just might have to watch it. =)
    Posted 08-31-2010 at 02:49 PM by Christmas-A-Holic Christmas-A-Holic is online now
  2. Old Comment
    ChristmasHeart's Avatar
    How inspiring CM!!! Your prayer at the end brought tears to my eyes. Oh...if we could alll be like Eli always (always haing faith and hope) - wouldn't that be incredible!

    You are not alone, my friend (and your blog let's know that we are not alone either). My faith peaks and drops all the time. But - you know what the good Word says...that even if we have faith as big as a mustard seed - we could say to this mountain "move"...and it would (paraphrased). Do you know how teeny tiny a mustard seed is? WOW!

    I'm so happy that you are feeling uplifted today! I'm thankful for your faith in God and the relationship you have with Him!

    I pray for God's bleeings on you and your adorable furchildren!
    Posted 08-31-2010 at 02:51 PM by ChristmasHeart ChristmasHeart is offline
  3. Old Comment
    xmas365's Avatar
    You could never be the worst person in the world, my friend. It is amazing how little things like movies or music can uplift us humans. I am glad you are feeling inspired today.

    Posted 08-31-2010 at 10:10 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline

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