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Friends of My Merry Christmas

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Posted 05-17-2008 at 09:50 AM by Jeff Westover

Nobody understands me.

Nobody in the vast community of webmasters, that is. It's not that I am a rebel when it comes to running a website. I just don't view myself as a webmaster. I just love Christmas.

Quite honestly, the best sites on the Internet are those put together by individuals who have a love of their subject matter. Like a good book or a good magazine, a great website is reflective of the passion for it.

Most webmasters don't understand me because I'm not running this website like a website is supposed to be run. We're not trying to make money here, basically.

So when it comes to certain things we just don't do things they way most websites "should".

For example, we have a lot of friends.

We think (well, we know) that MMC has the best Christmas forums on the Internet.

But we're also associated with great Christmas forums at Talk Christmas, Magical Holiday Home, Clausnet, and Christmas Talk.

In the real world, these are competitors.

But we're not in the real world. We're here just for Christmas. And Christmas means that all those other forums are not competitors to us -- they are friends. In fact, many of us here are members at those forums and participate in them and we encourage all of our members to do so.

It isn't important which forum is your preference. What is important is that you have a place (or places) online to enjoy Christmas.

That is also why we affiliated ourselves last year with Why Christmas and Customs of Christmas. That's why I visit Jinglebell Junction as much as I do -- it's Christmas and it belongs to our family here.

I made a new friend this week. His name is George Broderick and he operates Cool Yule Comics. He is our newest member of the family.

Over the coming weeks and months we will partake of George's talents and bask in the fun of Christmas that he brings to it. Yule love it!

And this, to me, is what makes MMC so much fun. It's not about running a website. It's not about paying the bills to be here or finding the money to do it. It's about Christmas and friends.

I'm a lucky man indeed.
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  1. Old Comment
    Gingerbug's Avatar
    You know what's funny? When I just play around with all the holiday boards for "fun"'s just and enjoyable...when I let myself entertain thoughts of "what if this could be a business?"....I just don't enjoy it as much and it starts producing stress rather than eliminating it........I say a hobby that you love is the better choice!!!
    Posted 05-18-2008 at 04:54 PM by Gingerbug Gingerbug is offline
  2. Old Comment
    AuntieMistletoeDear's Avatar
    I agree Jeff (and Gingerbug), the Christmas company we keep is like our own Christmas Family Tree and I love the similarities and differences among them.

    You have a "real job" so this should be your Merry playground. I plan on sticking around to watch it sprout new Christmas life as the years go on.
    Posted 05-18-2008 at 08:22 PM by AuntieMistletoeDear AuntieMistletoeDear is offline
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