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Twelve Magic Elf Celebrations

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Posted 06-02-2008 at 08:26 PM by Gingerbug

A little over a year ago I started writing Twelve Magic Elf far I've finished I have six more to go. The ideas are all there just time to actually put them into words. I thought I would share with you the introduction and my thoughts about the Magic Elf tradition:

I have been pondering a bit lately about the popularity of the whole Magic Elves concept and I rather think that Magic Elves touch us on lots of different levels. They give us a chance to be kids again and they are a bit whimsical. But I really think it is a bit more than that. I think the Magic Elves reflect our heartfelt desires to be the people we truly were meant to be.

People that take time out from “business as usual” to enter an enchanted make believe world. Perhaps a world that in some ways is more representative of who we want to be rather than who we are right now. A world where a bit of mischief makes us smile rather than cringe, where we set examples for others about how to have fun, where time is no longer the enemy, and where we all care just a bit more about the small things in life that give us joy.

Magic Elves capture our fancy because the true magic of the elves resides inside us; the creative, caring, nurturing part of us that delights at simple pleasures.
With that in mind, I am presenting to you “Twelve Magic Elf Celebrations” for young, for old, for families full of children, couples, or people a bit alone in the world. And knowing the creativity of all of you...….you will add to them, alter them, think of new aspects and make them your own. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Magic Elf celebrations focus on ways to bring family and friends together for a joyous celebration of imagination and creativity. The visiting elves host parties, suggest crafts, leave notes and riddles, and get into a bit of mischief along the way. The Magic Elves allow each of us to have a bit of fun during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. For on Christmas Eve they hitch a ride back to the North Pole with Dear Old Santa.
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