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Posted 11-22-2010 at 07:48 PM by caninemom3
Tags whine

I must admit it. I am perplexed about certain decisions in my life. The main decision concerns my job. I feel blessed to have a job yet the company I work for has not been the most caring company I must say.

I guess I can't complain too much because I do work at home after all. However, I think with any job a part of the compensation should be respect and a sense that your employer values you and your services.

I am a medical transcriptionist and have been a transcriptionist for 17 years. In essence I listen to doctors dictate and I type what they say about patients. It is neither as hard nor as easy as it sounds. It just takes practice and I find though I have been doing it a long time I never get to the point where it is not challenging.

The company I work for is in Santa Monica, California. The problem I am having is in regard to an incident which happened last Sunday, November 14, 2010.

When I logged in at 6:30 EST a.m. (which is 3:30 PST the time my employer is on) I began having problems almost immediately. Upon finishing my first job when attempting to send it to the hospital where it was supposed to go I began to get error messages about the server on the end of my employer not being able to upload, which means the jobs I had typed could not be delivered to the client, which also means that I did not get credit for the lines.

I did not know what to do except what I was taught in training by the company. I
e-mailed support and also a person called the q-manager. It is the q-manager who routes work to us and each q-manager works a different shift like all of us transcriptionists. An hour later after
e-mailing the q-manager multiple times I had no response and still could not type. I even e-mailed the vice president in charge of operations. At least she did e-mail me back but was not helpful in the least.

My shift was pretty much like that the whole day. Finally the vice president of operations told the q-manager to call support. Why did it take them so long ??? There I was not able to work. I guess they just didn't care. I spent 5 hours not being able to type anything but the same 3 jobs and did not even get compensated for them.

When everything was finally fixed which was not until 3 p.m. EST or 12 noon PST I then e-mailed the heads of HR and explained the situation and asked that I be compensated something for my time since I was where I was supposed to be at the correct time and how it was not my fault that their server was having problems. I had to still type some as I had no lines so I woud up working like 12 hours with nothing to show for it but 400 lines which translates into about $35.00 and my employer could care less.

When I got my check on Friday there was no compensation for the time I lost. If I got an hourly wage it might be different but I work totally and completely by the line. I get paid for each line I type and if I don't have any credit for lines I have no pay.

I e-mailed HR again this morning and again almost begged to be compensated for the time I lost that Sunday. No response. They are totally ignoring me.

This leads me to the perplexed subject. I have always been a careful person (well for the most part) and not one prone to just jumping into things. I could find another company to work for but the thing is, there are a LOT or transcription companies out there who are NOT honest and I am quite honestly scared to leave this company even though I feel they do not treat me fairly.

I just don't know what to do. I feel as though I am floating in space with no discernible direction. Stay or go, I am just not sure and I am not brave or adventurous but I would like to be valued.

The only thing I know to do is pray about this. I am NOT a good Christian. NOT AT ALL. I do believe in God and I do love Him with all my heart. That is where the warm fuzzies stop. I TRY to be upright and do the right thing but let something bad happen or some obstacle get in my way and SMACK there I am again "getting in God's face" so to speak about how I have been wronged, ready to turn on Him in less than a heartbeat. As though it is His fault. He must be so sick of me and I don't blame him. Honestly, I am sick of me too. What a whiner !! Good grief. Maybe if I just calm down a little I can get some cheese to go with my whine. I just wish an answer would come.
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