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As We Approach Christmas

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Posted 11-25-2010 at 06:47 PM by caninemom3
Tags god, mary

Tonight is Thanksgiving. I cannot even begin to count all the blessings I have in my life. I think of all the people here in our country and other countries who have nothing. I mean absolutely nothing. And here I am. I never want for food or warmth or any of the creature comforts that every human being and yes even "animals" should have a right to. It is not because of anything I did or do that I have all these blessings. I believe they are all a gift from God, our Father.

Now that we are approaching Christmas I think about Mary and Joseph and the way they found their way into history.

What was it like for them to become the caretakers on Earth of the Messiah ?? Did they see him as the Messiah ?? or just their baby ?? I wonder....

I used to think of them as I would see them in paintings or depicted in the movies of my youth, always holy and always devout. Never doubting or getting angry. In short I did not see them as human, which they most definitely were.

The bible does not tell us much about them really. I have come to believe through different books and articles I have read that Mary and Joseph were very, very poor and that Mary was a very young girl. We know that Joseph was probably a carpenter but we do not know much more.

One thing is for sure. They had to have been very good people. I often wonder. Was Mary scared ?? How could anyone fathom the news that they were going to be the mother of the Savior of mankind ?? And what about childbirth. Was Mary scared of the pain that would entail ?? And what would Joseph say about the whole "announcement by an angel" thing ??

I am sure she must have been overwhelmed. No matter. She knew that God needed her to do something very special for Him and that is all that mattered to her.

Joseph I think was the same. A carpenter who wanted Mary to be his wife. Was he afraid too ?? Maybe afraid of what people would say about Mary's pregnancy when they could most certainly figure out he was not the biological father ?? Again as with Mary, he knew God needed him and any thought for himself or his feelings or worries were superceded by what his heavenly father needed.

I wish I could have met them when they were in their "earthly" form. I believe they just did what they thought was right and and did not believe they were any different than or better than anyone else.

Perhaps if I could have spent time with them I would have learned how to be more like them. To think more of what God wants than what I want.

The world is so ME ME ME these days. Each year as I get older the people of the world seem to get worse and more self-centered.

I watch The Nativity Story which was a movie from just a few years ago often at this time of the year. It inspires me to at least try and put God ahead of anything else and it also helps me to realize that though Mary and Joseph may have been poor monetarily they were billionaires as far as spiriatual wealth.

As a Catholic I talk to Mary quite often. She is NOT god, but she IS Jesus' mother. I have felt her presence and I get the sense that though she is the eternal mother of God she is still humble, still poor of spirit and I always ask that she remember me to her Son. Someday, after visiting her Son, I hope I have the chance to talk with her and to thank her for accepting what was being asked of her so long ago by that heavenly messenger.
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