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Posted 04-19-2011 at 06:52 AM by caninemom3

This blog may be a bit muddled because I am writing after just finishing my midnight shift but I have some things that are important to me that I want to put in writing so to speak.

I remember when I was a child and Easter would come around. Not only do I remember the wonderful bulging Easter baskets I would get each year, but I remember something else too.

My mother, Susy, always taught me that the true meaning of Easter is about Jesus as is the true meaning of Christmas. It is not that we were a terribly religious family. We never attended church together, didn't read the bible together or even pray together. My mother's teachings were enough to impress upon me the importance of this man named Jesus. When I was a child there were any number of TV movies and specials about Him both at Christmas and at Easter and it disturbs me that there are so few this day and age.

To some people, I guess He is just a myth or perhaps to others didn't even really exist so this day and age in the 21st Century, He is cast aside, brushed off, stomped into the ground and utterly forgotten by many.

I know I must sound pretty self righteous aout now. I don't mean to. In my own opinion, I am the ABSOLUTE WORST CHRISTIAN on the face of this Earth but I just cannot stand by and watch as people trod on Him once again. Not this year. The world is too sick and we need the great physician.

Whatever a person's faith or lack of faith, I think we could all agree that the world needs something and needs it NOW. We have turned away from God, turned away from Christ himself, not even allowed in some places to mention His name in a carol, song, poem, TV show, movie, etc. lest someone who does not believe gets offended. Well, I certainly do not wish to offend, however, I will stand up and say the world needs Christ. If that is offensive, then just consider it freedom of speech and the meanderings of a mind in need of rest.

We all need to encounter this man. This wonderful being who is still in existence. We could all use a great big hug from such an accepting and loving presence, someone who is ALWAYS in our corner.

Now, I dont have religious visions, I don't talk in tongues, but I HAVE met Jesus. Each time I think that I can't go even one more step He is there and reminds me the same thing happened to him.

Each time I think I am abandoned and alone, He tells me He has been there.

Each time I feel nothing I have ever done has mattered, He shares with me that he has experienced this too and each time I feel beaten, He shares his experience of that also.

I know He is so sad right now. The world just does not seem to care much about Him or the work He did while he was here. When I see Him in my imagination (or perhaps it is something more) as I pray He always has a tear down one side of his face and I know I am just as guilty for that tear being there as everyone else. His presence is always calm and when I am finished speaking to Him he always tells me to keep going and to not forget that He loves me and He thanks me for my visit.

He is NOT forgotten with me. Holy Week is one of the saddest weeks in my life each year. Good Friday I walk around all day with tissues in case the tears come.

For me, Jesus IS REAL and I want to do a better job of being a person He is proud of. I know people do not like to be preached at, me included !! I haven't meant to preach here, just trying to put things in their proper perspective and for me part of that perspective is paying homage to a man who is so much more than any of us could ever realize with our mortal brains.

I will not cast you aside, my Lord. I will comfort you the best I can on Good Friday as you make your final journey. I will help you carry your cross, I will wipe your brow and give you water and I will rejoice on Easter Sunday when you return from the darkness. I am just a simple girl from Ohio but I want you to know my Lord, you are on my mind and even though I am not eloquent like Rev. Max Lucado and do not have the writing ability I wish I had, I will use the words of others to help pay homage to you during this week when you gave everything you had as my way of trying to say thank you and I love you too xo
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, I can see how much Jesus means to you in your writings.
    Posted 05-04-2011 at 09:13 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline

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