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Turn Around Day

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Posted 05-05-2011 at 08:46 PM by Jeff Westover

I've been up to my neck in Christmas and here it is just Cinco de Mayo. Such is the life of running a Christmas website.

As I work on one side to develop a broad plan for Christmas 2011 in lining writers, working on editorial calendars, recording podcasts and such I keep one eye on the statistics of our web visitors.

Every day this time of year we face dwindling numbers.

That is, until we reach turn around day.

Turn Around Day is the day the numbers stop shrinking and start growing. I'm convinced it is something completely unique to running a seasonal website.

Right after Valentine's Day our number really start to go down. Fewer and fewer people come to the site. It is almost as if there is holiday fatigue by that point and folks just want to feel the warmth of spring.

We provide our own brand of warmth, of course, but is more of the cozy kind rather than the kind requiring sunscreen. And when folks get in that frame of mind, I've learned, there isn't a lot I can do to bring them around.

Of course, if you're reading this you are the grand exception to that rule. God bless our year round regulars, I say. To those who keep the spirit of Christmas burning in their hearts every day I thank you profusely.

Oh, that we had more like you!

Alas, mere mortals though aren't capable of year round Christmas. And, until Turn Around Day, they fall off the Christmas wagon.

Last year Turn Around Day was May 17th, a tad early. It really surprised me because it universally falls right after Memorial Day.

Regardless of when it falls it is the day when all the numbers start to go the other direction. Everything goes up. Visitors, page views, downloads, emails, forum activity -- the works. It goes up and never takes a backward step until just after Valentine's Day the following year.

I look at Turn Around Day as kind of a deadline. I've been working steadily all winter on little projects for our various sites. I"ve put a lot of work into the Merry Podcast for 2011.

And I am excited about it all.

But Turn Around Day is when we really start pouring it to the coals. Our audience doubles by the week. And they will want to see what's new with Christmas or what is different from the last time they were here.

To me, these non-committal types miss the heart and soul of My Merry Christmas.

No matter what I bring new to other areas of the site it is always fresh and always new here in the forums. To miss the forums is to miss Christmas, in my view.

I was thinking a lot about that as I've considered our Big Christmas Show podcast, tentatively scheduled for release on December 19th, 2011. I haven't decided yet, honestly, on the complete make-up of that show.

And you know what?

It doesn't matter. And that is because we started a new tradition last year that is yet another unique feature to this community and one I know that will enjoy demand year after year: that's when the podcast gets voiced by our forum members who call in their Christmas greetings from around the world for broadcast.

That was exciting. I still get that Christmas feeling when I go back and listen to it.

And I cannot wait to do it again this year.

Turn Around Day, like much of our beloved Christmas Countdown, is just a day on the calendar. It doesn't mean much.

But it means everything at the same time. It is when anticipation for the season ahead really takes hold.
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    elf bazaar's Avatar
    I think you are so right with turn around day we see it with the Christmas store too!, personally at home there is a little piece of Christmas in every room all year some guests to the house comment on it but those who really know us come in and look for it with joy!!
    Posted 05-07-2011 at 11:13 AM by elf bazaar elf bazaar is offline
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