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Your Website Changed My Life, Man

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Posted 05-14-2011 at 01:26 PM by Jeff Westover

I fired a guy recently.

I've been doing that a lot in conjunction with a new job I've taken. I was hoping to make my living on my websites and another business we own but we suffer from the classic dilemma of every small business: do you continue to work or do you eat?

That, and the fact that we're woefully under-capitalized, keeps our efforts here modest.

And that's ok. We were born on a shoe-string and that frugality, actually, is what keeps us around.

So I've taken this job and I've been given responsibility for a business that was totally neglected and is burning out of control. So, I've been cleaning things up, hiring and firing, as these things go.

And last week I fired a guy who knew who I am.

"I Googled you," he told me. "You're the Christmas dude. You run My Merry Christmas."

It didn't help his case.

But it did remind me of how far and wide the influence of this little endeavor has spread and how, no matter what else I do in my life, this place seems to define me more than anything else I do for work.

I have to remind myself though that it isn't "me".

It is Christmas.

All the good experiences that come as a result of my association with MMC is because Christmas is what we all hold in common. We come here and we want to feel what Christmas means to us. And we want to feel it all the time. For some, it is enough to share something on the forums or to participate in the Countdown thread and we get that feeling.

For others it merely resides in reading an article, downloading a podcast, or finding another feature in our ongoing library that gives them that Christmas fix now and then.

Years ago I got an email from a reader who literally wrote, "Your website saved my life. My wife and I divorced. The kids took it hard. I had to take a job far away and that didn't help. But we tracked Santa together through your site and it brought us together every day through the Christmas season. Now my wife and I are back together."

If I ever make it to heaven I know it won't be because I was a perfect man.

But maybe a daily, ongoing celebration of Christmas won't hurt.
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