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Time Travel... Are you a believer or a non-believer

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Posted 07-22-2011 at 09:14 AM by lauriebear

Love's time travel
Chapter One

Have you ever taken a daydream on a late summer day, laying in a hammock or on a lounger, the sun warming you, lulling you, the Azure sky beckons you to shut your eyes, a butterfly comes in with the breeze… Or maybe it was a cold winter’s day you stare out the window and the dreams come dancing inn across the dusky sky. You just sort of drift off, you know what I mean, and vision of times long forgotten begin to do a little dance of time. Here is where I believe time travel is possible, you disagree? Well, that’s OK, but let me tell you a story of a woman and a man who fall in love but fate plays them a bitter hand, and they never have the happy ending they were meant to have, so time steps in and lends a hand, to correct a mistake and bring them back together again.

Our story takes place in two different times, we begin in the year 1910, you will soon find yourself in present day and then back to 1910, let’s begin and see if we can change your mind and that time travel really does happen.

He was mad, how could his sweet Holly do this to him, he loved her so. It can’t be true he says to himself as he feels the fear and anger twisting inside him. He looks out the window it is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, birds are singing, so how could he have a broken heart on such a day. He lies down on the day sofa, closes his eyes, his head is pounding. What happened, why did he argue with her, why didn’t he listen, she told him of her faithfulness but he was vexed and his pride was hurt by what Conrad had told him, his sweet Holly caught down “Lovers Lane” with William, oh how his heart just broke, and the pain well this he cannot discuss. No one treats him like a fool, no one. He gets up and walks over to his disk and starts to compose a letter, he will have his man take it to her. He decides to leave on the next train to the West Coast. He cannot and will not stay here and be humiliated. He calls in his head house keeper, instructs her to pack his things for a trip out west he is to leave immediately.

Holly, will not be comforted, she is bitterly hurt how could her sweet Patrick believe those horrible things about her, and well if he wanted to be a big ninny then so be it. But, she will not lower her pride and beg him to take her back. She didn’t do anything wrong! “Lovers Lane” with of all men William!!! What was he thinking, he dropped her off at home, how could he doubt her, but alas then this means he never was truly in love with her as he claimed or he would know the truth and have squashed the rumors before he even approached such a topic. Her eyes are dry now, for she shed so many tears she is sure she has no moisture left in her body. The sun filters in though the trees a sight that at one time would bring her joy now does nothing to console her. “HOLLY”, “HOLLLLLYYYY”… She hears her sister calling her and lets out a sigh and calls out to her, “I am here, Beth”. Holly gets up from the log she is resting on, just as Beth approaches. “Holly, Patrick”, at the sound of his name her heart starts to beat faster, and hope blossoms just a bit, he has come to his senses, “has sent a letter to the house for you, Mr. Foster just dropped it off. Oh, Holly maybe he is asking you to forgive him after all.” Beth hugs her sister, and kisses her check; she has never seen Holly this pale. “I brought it with me, momma told me too.” Beth hands the sealed letter to Holly, whose hand shakes a little as she receives it. Beth notices and press the letter into her sister’s hand and holds it for a second. Holly looks at his handwriting and a smile filters across her face, Patrick has such beautiful penmanship, and her name looks so pretty in his handwriting. She opens the letter. Beth is watching her and slowly she sees her sisters face go even paler, then red, then back to pale. “Holly, what is it, what is it, is everything OK”, Holly cannot speak the pain and humiliation is just too much, she just shakes her head and sallow’s a large lump that has formed in the throat, “Oh Holly, what does he say, he has gotten such nonsense in his head.” Holly hands the letter to her sister, she cannot bring herself to say that Patrick has left her, he is probably already on his way to the West Coast. Beth reads the letter and her stomach flip flops, oh poor Holly. She looks up and goes to hug Holly, who falls into her sisters arm and the both begin to cry.

(To be Continued Monday, 07/25/2011)
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