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Love's Time Travel Continued...

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Posted 07-25-2011 at 11:45 AM by lauriebear
Updated 07-25-2011 at 11:46 AM by lauriebear (Add category)

The train was quite, but Patrick could not sleep. His mind kept going over the events of the last few days, and now doubt was creeping in. If he could just sleep maybe this head-ach would finally subside. Owen told him not to go, his best friend, how he could not support him, but, there that wasn’t nice Owen always had his back. Patrick opened the curtain to look out the window, the train was moving too fast to really see anything, but the moon, it was bright tonight, he wondered if Holly was looking at it now. With that he turned toward his pillow and the tears of heartache finally took over.

Holly was looking at the moon, reflecting over the past few days and how she went from being the happiest girl in the world to the very depths of despair. At first she threw Patrick’s letter away only to retrieve it. She placed it in her diary, she knew it was silly but even this she couldn’t throw away, he had touched it and it very well may be the last thing he sends her. Her mind starts to think of whom and why did someone tell Patrick she was in “Lover’s Lane” with William. It could have only been Iris; she was the only one who would gain anything if Patrick and she were to split. But, this has back fired even on Iris, for Patrick left. Hopetown would never be the same; Holly would never be the same. She vowed if Patrick no longer loved her, fine but he was her one true love and would stay forever faithful to his memory. But, not before she faces him one last time, and if that means getting on a train to travel to the West Coast she would. First thing in the morning she would go see Owen and find out the details she needed to know.

At dawns first light Holly was up and ready to see Owen, she called for the carriage to be brought around. “Good morning, Clarence, please take me to Owen Bishop’s office.” The morning was turning into another picture perfect day. Holly, tried to smile but still couldn’t. After a short drive, Holly was helped out of the carriage. Her nerves where all in a bunch and found that she was nervous now that she was here, taking a deep breath to steady herself, she knocked softly. Owen, saw the carriage and watched Holly from his office. He was sadden by what has happened and just couldn’t believe Patrick left so quickly, but he knew his friend he was hurting, but Owen still did not believe the rumors he did not believe for a second that Holly would have accepted any type of invitation from another gentleman, especially William Pucker. He heard the softest of knocks and decided to get the door himself, for he was sure no one else heard it.

“Good morning, Holly” Owen smiled trying to lighten the mood. Holly would have none of it, “I do not see anything good about this morning Mr. Bishop.” Owen closed the door and with his back facing Holly smiled a little, she was here on a mission, good, he even detected some of the “Holly-ism” in her voice, determined! “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit Miss. O’Toole?” “Well, I will not beat around the bush Mr. Bishop; I have come to ask you, where has Mr. O’Henessy gone?” Owen offered Holly a seat across from his desk, he asked if he could take her coat, offered her tea, after these pleasantries were completed, she asked again, “Mr. Bishop, where has Mr. O’Henessy gone?” “Holly, why are you being so formal, please I am your friend and would like nothing more than to see you and Patrick together.” “Please stop being so formal, I know you are hurting, I know Patrick is hurting. He has gone to Turnbin, CA, the next train leaves at 1:00 PM this afternoon, he will have a three day head start, but I think that is plenty of time for him to realize his mistake and wish he never left, are you planning on going, you are right?” As he spoke he came around his desk, Holly took out her handkerchief and started to cry again, he patted her back. “Oh, Owen, I just felt so foolish having to come here and ask you where he went, like some crazy woman.” “Holly, I would have thought it crazier if you had not come.” She smiled for the first time, “YES, I am going to him Owen, I am going.” With that she hastily put her coat she had to get home to pack and go to Patrick. She called out to Clearance, who brought the carriage around. She waved to Owen standing in the doorway. With that they headed for home, Holly had a lot to do before this afternoon.

But, the two lovers would never meet up.

To be continued (Wednesday, 07/27/2011)
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