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Why I love my family

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Posted 08-02-2011 at 07:57 AM by elf bazaar

On Saturday my mum had the most awful accident at home. She fell top to bottom down the stairs knocked herself out, broke her hand and fractured her lower spine and hip, she banged her head and the blood went everywhere.
Thank god I was in the hall and saw her fall, within 3 minutes I had her in the car and up to the local hospital within the hour she was taken by ambulance to the big hospital in a town half an hour away.
I drove ahead of the ambulance and was there waiting for her when she arrived. I was by her side all the time and when they said she could leave I drove her home, I got her settled and comfortable.
Since then I have done everything in the house possible to make her long road to recovery comfortable.

For the past nine months a family have been living with us, the father had an "accident" and the bathroom floor flooded through to the kitchen below and did some damage. two days later when the loss adjuster had still not turned up he threw another 100 buckets of water through the floor to make sure there was enough damage so the could get new flooring ceilings and a new kitchen etc. I was with his partner when he called her claiming to have had an "accident" . She raced to his aid and took him to the hospital etc. She called me in tears so I went with her back to the house to help her gather some things together for them as the house was now not liveable for a young family ( children aged 4,6 and 9months)
I took pity on them and invited them to temporarily stay with us, after 9 long months an awful lot of patience and a house move where they moved with us (not the father the couple split after Christmas). They spent their first night back in there own home. We are still owed more than 1500 in rent and the bedrooms they slept in are very dirty and they left alot of rubbish.
After Christmas when the couple "split" the dad went to the local council looking for accommodation. They placed him in a homeless shelter for 5 months and then finally gave him a two bedroom flat. The couple have lied and said the baby lives with him, so he cannot be forced to work by the government until the child is 5 and he receives an awful lot of benefits and pays no rent or council tax, they still claim to be separated but spend all day everyday together and are seen walking hand in hand up the street daily.
He is banned from my shop and the house because of his violent rages and he blames me and my mum for the couple "splitting" he also hates the way we jelled with the children and the eldest child (not biologically his) has said she doesn`t want to go home she wants to stay with us.
He has threatened the eldest child repeatedly saying he will never let her see us again when they go home, and says we have been responsible for all the wrong doings in the past nine months everything is our fault. Needless to say she is horrified by the situation. All we did was open our home and give the children a steady reliable and safe home. ( It was common knowledge before that their family life was very erratic and the eldest child was used as a baby sitter and full time fetcher and carrier to both parents plus a verbal punch bag to both parents, the dad because she was not his and the mum because she reminded her too much of her first husband).

This situation goes on and on and on, anyway back to mum and her accident, the dad of the family has been spreading awful things through the town about us saying how everything is our fault.
While she is lying there a hard working 60 year old widow,my mum and best friend caked in blood and in agony because the pain killers are not strong enough and i am not allowed to wash her hair to remove the blood.
He is posting on facebook how "Karma has been his best friend this weekend" and "how he only wished it would help him out again".
I feel sick to my bones, who do you go to for help with something like that? he must be seriously wrong in the head to be telling everybody she deserved it. I am worried, and upset and just want to cry why would somebody do this to us when all we did was offer our home?,
Since the accident many "friends" have offered help only to retract it the minute i` ve said "well i could do with this or a hand with that"
So i guess this long old ramble leads me to this, Cherish your family and love them, most people only see what they truly have when it is gone.
I am lucky to have my mum and we stick together, my brother will even be paying a visit this weekend (he lives in London and is married to his job!) My Aunt is calling daily and mums best friend is helping ma while I come to work.
I think i am still in shock and am just so confused and upset and down heartened at this treatment from these so called friends.
Thats why I love my family...
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    [B]Oh Kizzy.......I can't tell you how sorry I am that you have been going through all this. I am not a good one for advice but I think if it were me, I would just look after my mum for now. It is the most terrifying and agnozing thing to see someone we love hurt or worse. [/B]

    [B]You and your family will be in my prayers. Praying your mum recovers fully. If you need to talk or extra hugs consider it done, just PM me if you wish (((((HUGS)))))[/B]
    Posted 08-02-2011 at 08:29 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline

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