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I do believe in Santa!

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Posted 09-02-2011 at 09:26 AM by lauriebear

Originally Posted by lauriebear View Post
Believing in Santa

What a powerful question really when one thinks about it… I often think back to the time that I truly knew there was a Santa Claus. Do I believe, I think I have before I even knew to have doubts. I think I came to truly know he existed when I was about 19, I was in college and like many before me struggling to make ends meet. Working two jobs, a car that barely ran. Rent, insurance, tuition, books, heat, electric, gas, the amount of debt I was in was overwhelming to me. I think I was at my lowest at Christmas time, everyone else on break rushing home to family and me with no one close left alive and nowhere to go, no money to spare. I couldn’t even afford a tree, I was bitter and just feeling horrible and then my car breaks down. I really was in a bad way. I had no money to even get it towed it was on the side of the highway. I was in the car crying and a police offer (a Michigan State Policeman) approached I didn’t even hear his car pull up. He asked me if everything was OK and well, I think you know what happened, I really started crying. I am sure it is against policy or something but somehow he managed to get me out of the car and he actually hugged me and said please don’t cry we will figure something out. He called a tow truck, a friend of his, he would tow it and see if he could make the repairs and would work out a payment plan. I was like I have so little money as it was, but I needed that car. I settled down and tried not to worry. He asked me about myself, I was thinking to take my mind off the car. I told him how I came here for school and lost my Grandmother in March and now was on my own, and things were just getting overwhelming. He asked my name and where I lived never did he take I license or anything. The tow truck came. The officer helped me into the passenger side. He said not to worry everything has a way of working out and this is the season for miracles. I smiled a little and thanked him, I never got his name, I wish I did, I tried but never was able to find him. The tow truck driver was a nice man, he said his name was Pete and he asked if I had a phone – that was a luxury I could not afford. I said no. He said no problem he would get in touch with me. I went into my tiny apartment and cried myself to sleep, the next day I went to work, I walked to the school campus and took a bus to town and walked to my 1st waitress job and then left there and went to my 2nd, I asked one of the other waitress for a ride home, I told her what happened and that the buses stopped running by that time. She was real nice and said no problem. The next few days followed this routine and I was starting to worry as I hadn’t heard from Pete or his shop. But, a few nights latter I came home and there was my car. With a note, my landlord had my keys, the car repairs were paid in full by my friend, I was trying to figure out who, it took a little bit but I figured it was the cop. The note also said Merry Christmas. I went to my landlords door and she gave me my keys. The tank was even filled with gas, I started to cry again. I went inside my little apartment and I almost fainted, in that bare little apartment was a tree all decorated, a new blanket, and my fridge was full. Another note, telling me to never give up, and even the strongest of people sometimes need a helping hand. Never lose faith – with everything that life will throw at us always remember the magic of Christmas and how Santa gave without asking, God gave us his only son, and we should also too give when we can. It said even when we feel alone that we are not that Santa is always with us if we just let him in. When we help others it has a way of making us part of God’s family, and then we are truly never alone. It was signed SIMPLY Santa, I still have that note and I know it was that officer I just know it was him and I do not know if he realized what power his kindness had for someone who felt so alone. I now am sure to always help others sometimes they know and sometimes they don’t – I make sure I give no matter what for I could be helping someone like me someone at the end of their rope hoping against hope that they are not alone. And now, every time I hear – or even declare myself – that Santa is real, I know that it is in the hearts of those who love, who give without hope of reciprocity, and who serve in anonymity where he resides.
Posting this from a thread, I believe!
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    Just beautiful Laurie !! I sit here after reading your post with tears streaming. Bless you. Thank you for giving me and all of us your wonderful presence in this Christmas family ((((HUGS)))))) xo
    Posted 09-02-2011 at 04:49 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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