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A Potpourri Of Events

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Posted 10-20-2011 at 12:29 AM by caninemom3

It is quiet in the house......Wish is here beside me, Clancy is happily snoring on the couch. The fire is warm and glowing. Yet here I am. It is 2 a.m. and I can't sleep.

There are so many things on my mind. Today in Ohio a "sheriff"decided to implement a killing spree of wild animals that had been turned loose. No effort to try and tranquilize them. Just kill. I hate violence, especially violence toward animals. If they had been attacking people it may have been one thing but they were not so the "easy" way out was taken, just kill them. I won't EVEN go into what I would like to do that that sheriff. Suffice to say if I had MY WAY he would be given the same chance as those animals were.

Friday marks a few things. One very important event is it is my father's birthday. My dad was born in 1907 so he would be quite old now. I still think of you pop xo and of course I still love you and miss you. You always pretended to be SO GRUFF but as I think back, it was just an act. You spent all day on Christmas one year trying to put together my Barbie's Fashion Shop just so your little 7 year old would not be disappointed. Another year you struggled and struggled trying to put together the school desk for my Suzy Smart doll. You once told me If I ever became Catholic, you would not be there, and in fact that you would disown me. The night came for my acceptance into the Church and you were not only there but you PARTICIPATED in the ceremony. Gruff. You were a pussy cat. You could strike dread and fear by yelling but once I figured a way around that, you were putty in my hands, dad.

Thank you, my dear and wonderful father for everything you did for me. Maybe you thought I didn't notice.....But I did, dad. I did....xo

Friday is also the birthday of our leader here on MMC, Jeff Westover. I can't say enough good about this wonderful and kind man. I came to his site totally and completely lost and sad because my beloved Christmas was over. It wasn't long before Jeff made me feel so welcome on his site along with all my Chistmas family I might add.

So, Happy Birthday, Jeff. I hope you have a wonderful celebration because you certainly deserve it xo

Friday is also supposed to be the end of the world AGAIN. Harold Camping of Family Radio,who predicted the Rapture back on May 21, has long said that October 21, 2011 will be the end of the world, that God is going to destroy it. Now, this man is not even a minister. I must admit though that his predictions, any predictions about the end of the world terrify me. Though I do not believe his prediction, I find myself talking to God as I understand him a lot this week. In my belief, Jesus taught us that "No MAN will know the day or the hour........" So why does Mr. Camping think he is exempt from that ??

I have taken a stand of sorts in my mind. If for some reason God DOES decide that this Friday is it then I can't be scared. Why would I fear the Good Shepherd ?? I will be humble and bow before Him and trust that He knows how very much I love Him.

As one of my very dear and favorite members of the Christmas family said...."We will all just finally get to meet and have a Christmas party in heaven....." that is one of the most beautful thoughts I have ever heard about the world ending and of course, it came from a Christmas nut just like me and all of us on this site. Thank you Xmas365. I will never be able to thank you enough for the blessing of knowing you and your gift of friendship.

Now I am at peace. I think I can sleep now.....I had better get some rest. Today is Thursday, another work day. Then comes Friday.......I want to be rested when Friday dawns.......I just may have the best Christmas paty in the world to attend xo
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    Your welcome, CM3

    You are a great person Louann, and I am lucky to have "met' you through this great site.
    Posted 10-20-2011 at 08:08 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline

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