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What is Peace on Earth???

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Posted 12-16-2011 at 07:17 AM by lauriebear

What is Peace on Earth, where and did the idea come from, why do we still wish for it? Yesterday I goggled the saying “Peace On Earth” a lot popped up, in fact I had 493,000,000 results!!! One I found to be quite extraordinary a cartoon made in 1939, about how man killed themselves off and the creatures find a Bible and actually live by it, truly Peace On Earth. It was remade in 1955 and called Good Will To Man.
What does this all mean I still am searching, I also found so ugly sites, people mocking Peace on Earth, saying how humans and mankind are engineered to fight, that we fight because we envy what another has, another said if there was Peace On Earth that would mean one government toppled the entire world and we would be living under a dictator!!! Others said Peace on Earth would make it boring…
SO here I ponder just a few days from Christmas, what is Peace on Earth. Is it what I thought as a child that all mankind would come together and love one another? That we would all live believing in the same ideas? Well, then that would be boring! I love that we live in a world that has SO many different ideas. That we can disagree as well as agree. I think in my own humble way Peace on Earth is not what I always envisioned it to be. Like how I thought the whole world comes together and we all live in this utopia. I think instead now that Peace on Earth is a state of mind; you must be at peace with yourself in order to understand Peace On Earth. I think it entails me as a person helping my fellow man, and/or creature. Being kind to others. Peace On Earth, well maybe those who mocked it might have had a tiny idea, they taught me that Peace On Earth is not what I had thought, it is much bigger than that. I must open my mind even more and see not with just my eyes. Yes, we can achieve Peace On Earth, you just need to look inside yourself. And these last 40 years I was looking to the world and the leaders as such. I need to look inside and only then will I find Peace On Earth. It is I who will extend Good Will Toward Man.
Sometimes the most simple of answers are right in front of us, but it takes years to discover them.
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