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Icicle Lights for Christmas and Beyond

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Posted 12-20-2011 at 02:19 PM by Lazarus
Updated 09-11-2012 at 02:36 PM by Jeff Westover

One of the most traditionally used type of holiday lights, icicle lights adorn houses on every corner during Christmas. They are perhaps the most popular type of Christmas light because of their appearance, trailing along roof lines with graceful drops that call to mind the image of frozen icicles in a wintry season. While traditionally used only at Christmas, icicle lights offer a unique display in that they can be used for multiple holidays and functions. With a myriad of colors, they are a versatile product that inspires creativity in design.

A good icicle light has a range of drops with tightly wound wire. Loose wire can destroy the appearance of the frozen icicle, so wire that is twisted tightly and does not gap keeps icicle lights from becoming tangled and unsightly. Another trait of a good icicle light is the color. LED icicle lights have the truest color and a longer life span since they use only 10-20% of the energy that an incandescent light uses. Despite rumors to the contrary, LEDs are just as bright or brighter than their incandescent counterpart, and their color is much truer to their name. Cool white LED icicle lights have a frosty appearance, resolving in a pure white look that contributes to the snowy feel, while other colors, such as red, blue, and green, appear bright and stand out wherever they are placed. For those who like the warm appearance of incandescent icicle lights, warm white LEDs are available to mirror the golden glow.

Because of the wide selection of icicle lights, they are adaptable to any type of holiday. Many icicle lights are specifically tailored to Halloween, sporting black wire with orange and purple bulbs. Decorating for Halloween with icicle lights can be slightly different than decorating for Christmas. Whereas Christmas decorators traditionally choose to use the icicle lights on the outside of the house in very neat rows, using Halloween lights all over the house in strange patterns can make them appear more like spider webs than icicles. Hang them in staggered lines or make them hang and droop at random for a spooky feel. Bright lights in purples, greens, and golds achieve a bright and springy feel perfect for Easter. Draping Easter lights like garland around the interior of a house gives an uplifting feeling to any room and adds contrast when coupled with other Easter decorations. Like Halloween, the 4th of July also has specialty lights made just for it. Celebrate Independence Day with icicle lights in red, white, and blue. Decorating with them as one would Christmas lights shows off a house in the most patriotic way possible and catches attention in summer when icicle lights are so rarely seen.

Icicle lights are also perfect for decorating spaces that need a little bit of illumination. Warm white icicle lights with white wire are perfect for weddings when coupled with other white objects. Drape sheer white material on the ceiling and hang twinkling icicle lights within to give off a warm, starry vibe. Further the romance by using the same white lights in glass jars wrapped with the sheer material as table centerpieces. Personal rooms in the house can also benefit from icicle lights hung for nightly use. Blue icicle lights in the bathroom give off a watery feel, while any color lights around the ceiling in a bedroom can match and enhance the room's design. Coupling the bedroom icicle lights with artistic posters and insiring quotes painted right onto the wall makes for a unique room with a homey feel.

If you have the creativity, you can use icicle lights at any time of the year, including in personal home decorations. With their varied colors and elegant drops, icicle lights suit many areas and bring a freshness in design. Coming up with ideas is half of the challenge and yet most of the fun as icicle lights are easy to work with and naturally beautiful. Expand your horizons with icicle lights and try decorating in new ways.
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