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Today we are taking down the Christmas tree…

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Posted 12-30-2011 at 11:41 AM by lauriebear

A few years ago while subbing for a teacher at Sunday School I had a group of young ones who were discussing the sad day of putting away the Christmas Tree, so I came up with this to help, I shared it on the 2011 Countdown & thought I should post it to my blog.


Today we are taking down the Christmas tree… Sad you say?!?! Well, never mind that let me show you what to wrap and where to put this and that…
First we take the love we shared, careful now, place it here, in this box we will wrap it up, but not all you see I’ve left just enough to last the year well plant it later say April or May we will watch it grow, this stuff is powerful and spreads out so nice that before you know it well have those cool nights where will pull in the love from our Fall harvest and gift wrap it out for our next Christmas Service.
Ahhh, the memories, and yes those will be next but watch them my dear they like to play tricks – just when you think you tucked them away they pop back out and have you smiling in July of the Christmas fun you had this year. All the memories you’ll look back on in the times to come, of Christmas and all it’s fun. Memories of days gone by, all to swiftly you will think, but cry not my dear look how this box is now overflowing – oh here is a memory gosh is it already 10 years old, oh here is a baby one just a mere two years, and yes here is one I kept from childhood, now never mind how old that one is, let’s look at yours we do not have far to dig, here is one and yes here’s another, oh that pesky cat she has grabbed two of them!!! Catch her now don’t let her lose them these will be our family’s prized possession.
Now on to cheer!!! Let’s place it here let’s leave a spot for joy – I like to keep them on top!!! They are easy to get too and oh my once they’re out they go gadding about… To the neighbors off they will rush, right down the block and up the next before you know it they are back at the door and oh my how much they have brought, look at this here a new little cheer will keep this next to the older ones. Yes, place joy here, yes I love the way they look just like a perfect couple.
But every couple needs a third I think… So please let’s place peace right near them like that… Now look at that picture… Cheer, Joy, and Peace… It makes my heart smile to know they are close by never too far for my Christmas Heart to grab at.
Oh no, please do not lock these boxes… No, locks are for things you do not want others to have I want these to spread all over the land… No locks on my packed away Christmas things… Share them we must and let them breath packing them too tightly away you may forget about them in years to come and how awful that would be.
Now for the tree, yes she (well I am a girl you can make yours a boy) was beautiful… I will store her away for a new batch of Christmas things when next year I can put even more love, memories, peace, and joy on her… Oh what a site she will make. Now years ago I had real trees, no garbage for them oh no, no, sir… Recycled back to Mother Earth to keep the cycle going of new birth.
What is it you say, my ornaments? What of these? Place them in these trucks right here for these I will wrap with care, my angels, my doves, the shiny bright balls, the beads, the Jacob Marley, my Pooh, my Piglet, this trinket, that one too… Wrap my elves, my Santa, my bears; wrap them all with loving care… Take a little love some joy some peace, place them in between.
You see my dear, that wasn’t so bad look at you laughing and having fun!!! I thought you said this would be sad??? Putting away your Christmas Tree may not be the happiest day for you or me, but putting it away lets us see all the wonderful things it has been, the memories of yesterday, we have now in our hearts. Bring it out all year long and never will Christmas be far.
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