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2013 Thanksgiving Preparations

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Posted 09-04-2012 at 03:33 PM by bigbearfla58
Updated 08-09-2013 at 10:48 AM by bigbearfla58 (Updates for Thanksgiving 2013)

Wednesday, Septembear 05, 2012 5:38 p.m. I just wanted to take out time today to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season yet to come.

Here is part 3 of my Thanksgiving Checklist
(see below)

21. Two weeks before Thanksgiving clean your dishwasher with 1/4 cup vinegar and 5 tbs baking soda.

22. Empty washing machine and dryer ready to wash up the linens and tablecloth the day after Thanksgiving and check for stains.

23. One prepared salad or sandwich to eat for lunch. I make my own chicken salad with celery, grapes and tarragon

24. Get a good nights sleep on Thanksgiving Eve and set up coffee maker to make a fresh pot of coffee tomorrow morning.

25. Two or three great cooks to help you out in the kitchen -- make sure they are GREAT COOKS who have at least 13 years of Thanksgiving experience

27. Two cans of Bar Keepers Friend cleanser to help you clean up after dinner. This stuff ROCKS $1.75 at my local Wal Mart

28. Start to re-season cast iron skillet first weekend in September

29. Wash and dry buffet and steam table(s) to serve and keep side dishes warm during Thanksgiving dinner

30. Get one or two $2.00 Styrofoam ice chests from Wal Mart. Get twp bags of ice from your local convenience store or Wal Mart.

31. Put glasses into dishwasher for water/wine two days before Thanksgiving.

32. I set aside the first Sunday in October to clean out the refrigerator and make room for the turkey.

33. Run dishwasher Thanksgiving Eve -- wash water/wine glasses

34. Set up dishwasher to run Christmas Eve while you are having your party.

35. Make two grocery lists one perishable one non-perishable. Start purchasing non-perishable items in September. Purchase perishable items starting the 1st week of Novembear and look for sales and coupons.

36. Check and double check your menu what worked last year what was ignored by your guests. Remake what worked and discard what was left over and had to be thrown away after dinner last year.

37. Pull chairs away from table this makes it much easier to set table for Thanksgiving dinner.

38. Set up coffee pot to brew coffee when you serve dessert. Take pot to table and set on trivet to protect table and table cloth let guests pour their own coffee while you slice up the pies.

39. Table Setting Tips

Pull chairs away from table
Put on table cloth and runner first
Put on dinner plates and serving pieces
Put glasses for water/wine on right hand side of dinner plate and silverware
Arrange center piece with unscented candles
Set up buffet table and set out large serving platters for the turkey
Place box of strike on box matches on your plate to remind you to light the candles
Take pictures or make video during dinner
Right after dinner clear table
Put table cloth and napkins in washing machine in cold water

Now that you made a great dinner here are tips for the day after Thanksgiving

The Day after Thanksgiving

Check table cloth for stains and wash in hot water dry on medium heat in dryer
Wash any leftover serving pieces, glasses or big platters that donít fit in the dishwasher
Carve white meat off turkey save some for soup and make stock
Download pictures write captions and update Thanksgiving journal and turkey roasting files on computer
Relax and take long and much deserved afternoon nap
Heat up left overs for dinner or call out or pizza
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  1. Old Comment
    These are really great tips. :)
    Posted 10-03-2012 at 04:34 PM by lmonte lmonte is offline
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