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Turkey Roasting Tips 2013

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Posted 10-08-2012 at 10:51 AM by bigbearfla58
Updated 06-10-2013 at 06:20 PM by bigbearfla58 (New Tips for 2013 Happy Thanksgiving burp!)

Monday, Octobear 08, 2012 Happy Columbus Day. I have no way of knowing if you are a kitchen hero or a negative integer kitchen zero so I'm going to sick with what I call turkey 101.

Turkey Roasting 101

If this is your 1st Thanksgiving or you got married this year congratulations. Fair warning do not let your new mother-in-law volunteer you to make the entire Thanksgiving dinner this year. If this happens simply say "Since I am in charge of the Thanksgiving feast this year I'll make tuna helper and order out for pepperoni pizza with extra anchovies" After she wakes up from having fainted ask if she will let you follow her around the kitchen and learn all of your Thanksgiving recipes and secrets.

Please click this link for the butterball web site for proper thawing and roasting instructions.

Never put hot stuffing into a cold turkey that causes bacteria to grow and you absolutely want to avoid that. The golden rule of stuffing is to put cold stuffing into a cold bird. As long as you don't stuff your turkey until right before you're ready to roast it you really don't have to worry.

Martha Stewart's Turkey 101

This video shows you how to make basic turkey stuffing and gravy.

Basic Stuffing 101

This is Martha Stewart's turkey 101 stuffing recipe. I have made this with my own southern cornbread and challah. I hope you find the bread you like and find a great bakery in your home town. I leave out the parsley and add in 1/2 cup of pecans and walnuts that are toasted and hand chopped. I also added in 1 pound of cooked and crumbled turkey sausage, you can use pork or whatever sausage you like.

Over the years I have done my research into why your Grandmothers or Great Grandmother's bread stuffing always turns out gummy or chewy here is what I came up with (see below)

1. Great Grandma wore those coke bottle glasses that were 3 inches thick. (note: back in the day glasses were that thick)

2. She had to drop out of school and work on the farm at age 8 and never got past the 3rd grade.

3. Grandma was never taught how to read and sadly was illiterate and never used a measuring cup when she made stuffing.

Turkey Gravy 101

This again is Martha and be sure to shake your 3 or 4 tablespoons of flour with turkey stock to avoid having any lumps in your gravy.

Turkey Carving 101

This is the best way to carve your Thanksgiving turkey. Food Network and all the cooking shows carve the breast meat into medallions or steaks is because it looks great on the internet, TV and print adds. If you do it their way you will run out of breast meat and your guests will not come back to your house next Thanksgiving.

I have been roasting turkey's since the 1800's and yes I was a guest at the very first Thanksgiving dinner.

I love and look forward to Thanksgiving and refuse to let anything go wrong. I prepare my stuffing on Thanksgiving Wednesday. I leave it out on the counter for about 2 hours until it has cooled down to 70 degrees. I sprinkle it with one tsp. of baking powder cover the bowl with foil and let it have an over night nap in my refrigerator. I don't stuff my turkey until right before I'm ready to roast it on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving morning I preheat my oven to 450 degrees, stuff the turkey and put 2 cups of Kitchen Basics Cooking stock into the bottom of the roasting pan. I take my softened room temperature herb butter and rub it all over the skin of the turkey. I place the drumsticks of the turkey towards the back oven wall. The back of the oven is hotter than the front of the oven. The turkey goes into a 450 degree preheated oven for 30 minutes. Be sure to set a timer. Then I reduce the temperature to 350 degrees. For the last hour I reduce the temperature to 300. When the turkey has 2 hours left to roast I heat up 4 tbs. of unsalted butter and 2 tbs. of honey in a small sauce pan until the butter melts about 5 minutes.

Every half hour I brush the turkey with a mixture of 4 tbs. butter and 2 ts. honey. Brush the bird every 1/2 hour until you use up the butter and honey mixture. You may run out before the 2 hours is up and I promise you when the turkey has finished roasting it the skin of the bird will take on a chestnut or mahogany color. When the bird reaches 180 degrees in the thickest part of the leg the turkey is done. And don't forget put the drumsticks toward the back wall of your oven for even browning.

I take the turkey out of the oven and cover the entire pan with foil and let it rest for two hours before caving. This allows the juices to to back into the meat and I always get a tender, succulent and juicy turkey every time. If you don't carve the turkey is will stay warm the entire time it's resting so no carving until the bird has rested for 2 hours.

Feel ask me your turkey roasting questions now before you have a Thanksgiving disaster
on your hands.

I want to take out time today to wish you all a very Happy meaning full and gratitude filled Thanksgiving and holiday season yet to come.

Notes: I love leftovers so I always roast a 20lb bird and my herb butter is a combination of two sticks of unsalted butter combined with 1tbs. each rosemary, sage and thyme that are fresh and finely chopped.

Turn the drumsticks of the turkey towards the back wall of the oven, just like when you are roasting a chicken, for even browning.

The day after Thanksgiving I carve off all the white meat place it into Rival food saver bags (they are less than 1/2 the price of the name brand) and you can get them at your local Wal Mart I fill up 8 or 9 bags freeze them and I can enjoy delicious roasted turkey for months.
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    Great blog post!!

    Here's another really great nearly foolproof recipe for turkey by Alton Brown:
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