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Today we are putting up the Christmas tree…

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Posted 11-30-2012 at 01:27 PM by lauriebear

Today we are putting up the Christmas tree… Oh how happy this day will be, hurry no time to waste. Do you remember that trunk we packed? The one that holds our most prized possession, well come on now pull it out…
It is overflowing, oh my… Let’s open it up. Look at the Joy, the Cheer, and Peace! Let’s get them out let’s put them up, spread them here and spread them there, give them away to all those we love, new friends too, oh what the heck let’s just give these out, give them to all who come to our door, but let’s not forget to give this to those who need it most. See them go all around spreading happiness all over town. I love how they go about thru the neighbors and down the block, then up the next, just to come back to us. Why it has grown and spread, I am sure it did, look how much more we have it has been but a mere minute out and our Joy & Cheer have already grown and spread around.
Here come the memories of Christmas’ past; why here they come, making us laugh and yes some of them making us sigh, thinking of those no longer here. My heart is growing I feel it I do. The warmth of those memories coming right through. I see them as though they was today, family and friends sharing and laughing, our crazy Christmas Sweater parties, the one where Masie’s reindeer had eyelashes and winked, or the one of John with his Lights that would blink, oh the one where Jules, our cat, when he ate all the shrimp, oh me, oh my I cannot stop laughing… Here’s the one the tree did not fit we had to cut a foot of the trunk!!! Look at this memory, the one when we made each other gifts, here’s the one where we made our cards, oh they are coming out, oh yes they are, let’s hang them here, let’s put some over there, let’s put these out for all to share… Our memories keep us together, they do, when we can’t be near we have this to hold. Look at the ones we are making right now, oh yes part of me can’t wait to see the ones we make this year!!! Here is the one when we actually had snow, how about the one when we went to Mexico, now that one was fun. We have so many now; I hold them dear; they are our family’s prized possession.
Now here is the love, let us unwrap it, take it out, for all to see. We’ll need to share this with everyone. Love is too often hidden from sight, such a shame really just look at it glisten and look at it glow, why would you hide this I’ll never know. Let’s be sure all who come to our door get some. Love you know comes in so many forms, to mean this tree is a symbol of my love; I hope one I can share with you. I say we hang some in our doorway too, let it be the first thing everyone sees!
Now for the tree, yes I do love her (well I am a girl you can make yours a boy), let’s put on her lights, no you can never put on to many!!! Now for the star, old-fashioned I know, but this has been in our family for ages, no it doesn’t plug in at all, this was made before electricity, put it up and string the lights underneath wait to you see it when we plug in the tree, do not pout, you will see lights it doesn’t need. OK let’s hang those ornaments, our angels, our doves, the shiny bright balls, the beads, the Jacob Marley, our Pooh, our Piglet, this trinket, that one too… Hang-up our elves, our Santa, our bears; hang them all with loving care… Take a little love some joy some peace, place them in between each branch for all to see. Now turn on the lights, look at this tree, this beautiful tree, what a site she does make, the star on top crowns her, she is ready my family, this beautiful tree we will celebrate the season with her as our guide to remind us of why. In my family this tree is a symbol, we celebrate the birth of the baby Christ child. We place our gifts under this magnificent tree to symbolize God’s gift to us, his only son Jesus. As well as the gifts the Three Wise Man did bring. You say you have nothing to give? No money to spare to place a gift here? Now, surely you jest, how could you say you have nothing to give or share with us on Christmas Day? Your gift need not be something that has to be wrapped, look at the gifts we have received today, you and I this special day, your gift might not come with bows or bright paper, but your gift of love is all I need, just knowing we are here together is gift enough for me.

You see my dear, this has been grand, our best tree yet, yes I know, I say that every year…

Merry CHRISTMAS my friends.
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