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The closing of 2012 and the start of 2013…

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Posted 12-31-2012 at 12:09 PM by lauriebear

Like a lot of other member’s blogs that I was reading the week of Christmas for me is a mix of the wonderful season we are enjoying and that touch of apprehension of the coming days without the warm glow of the tree.
So I start reminiscing over the last year and pick out the good times, I also list the “bad” times. I look over what I want to accomplish this coming year and what I will learn in the New Year. I always try to learn something new each year some things I stick with as I enjoy them, some I do not as they just do not spark real joy inside me. But, if you do not try something at least once you won’t ever know. As I do this I love reliving each memory, like the fun I had on my birthday this past February and then I wonder how much fun 2013’s birthday will be?!?! Or I think back to the beach and those mornings watching the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean and the feel of the July sun on my face, the feel of the sand between my toes and Snicker’s digging a hole so big I think she just might make it to China after all LOL! I just skipped over the spring how could I do that!!! I grew tulips for the very first time!!! Pink, Red, and Yellow ones oh they were SOOO beautiful, you should have seen them. I just keep the pictures flowing through my mind. I also think of the sad times, the disappointments, or arguments I have had and see if I can learn from them. See if I made an error in judgment, or if I hurt someone, if I learned from these things, if I have then all the better that they happened and now are part of my past. We lost to very dear members of our community this year, that was hard, I think over the sadness I still feel, as I miss my friends. I know they wouldn’t want me to be glum but I think we all need to grieve at our own pace and well I miss my friends, I wish they were here so I can say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, I know I cannot but my heart wishes it still. I guess I love to take this time to just feel the old year pass and the new one to begin. I just love New Years Eve and the start of a brand new year!!! I get excited over the plans I have for it and I wonder what new things are in store for me!!!
As I sit here I love the sight of the tree and my Christmas Village in the window, I have the lights on already it is so warm and inviting, I know it is coming soon the day that I have to take these down, but that isn’t for a little bit right now and well to be honest I do not get sad anymore taking my tree down; I know that sound crazy right for a Christmas Lover such as I but, as I put it away, it makes it that much more meaningful when I take it out again next year. I do get a little bummed seeing all the neighborhoods go “dark” after new year’s but I try to think how much I will love it when they put those lights back up.
I guess you would call me one of those people who see the glass half full as much as I can. So tonight I raise my glass to all of you here at MMC, many the calendar keep bring Happy Holiday’s to you and yours.
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