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Who do you want to be in 2013

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Posted 01-09-2013 at 11:31 AM by lauriebear

I was asked this question today. Well, as I pondered the answer, the little girl standing next to me on the subway stated, I want to be me!!! I smiled at that simple answer, and I looked at the person who asked me this and I said, I ditto her answer, I too want to be me. We all laughed a little, but it really had me thinking. As I walked into my field office I asked some of my foremen, who they wanted to be in 2013, some answered rich, others said retired, a few just said I don't know. Well, to be honest I didn't know either. I want to be me but who is me...

Now it really has me thinking, so I will pose this question to MMC too, who do you want to be in 2013. On December 1st we should go back and see if we lived up to our own expectations.

Here is what I will strive for in 2013 - this is who I want to be...

1. I will smile at everyone on the subway, and I mean everyone even the ones I would shy away from.

2. I will turn the other cheek when I feel someone is just being petty, it isn't worth my time to waste on those who just want to be petty pickers.

3. I will not turn my cheek when I can reach out a helping hand. Next time I see a situation I can help out with I will I won't just stay quite thinking maybe they do not want me to interfere, I won't know until I offer a helping hand now will I.

4. To my elderly neighbor Jean, I will check on her more often she is very independent but is not 100%. We all can use a friendly face now and again.

5. I will send more cards thought out the year to my friends and family letting them know I care.

6. Plant more seeds and let them grow just as wild as they want to be!!!!

Now it is your turn!
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