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The Raging Storm - An Exercise In Creative Writing

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Posted 03-07-2013 at 11:50 AM by caninemom3

Taking a beginning writing class may sound like a piece of cake, however, I have learned it is not. I have now completed lesson 5 of 12 for my class and the assignment was to practice what we have learned so far about writing a creative story. Though this story is quite weak, I wanted to post it here for my Christmas family to read. I hope it will give some measure of entertainment to your day. As always, all comments are welcome !! xo

[B][I]The Raging Storm [/I][/B]

[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]She was just a young 17-year-old girl sitting quietly in her parents’ living room. As she sat she was chilly and moved closer to the warm and cozy fire she had built. It was the season of spring but it was still winter in her soul. She had been feeling so sad and gloomy for the past few days and each hour seemed to magnify her already dour mood. Outside and in her soul a thunderstorm was brewing. The only difference was the storm in her soul was an emotional one. It was so hard for her believe that in a few days she would be a bride or would she ? She held the beautiful simple gold wedding ring he had given her so long ago when he promised they would be husband and wife which she usually wore on a chain around her neck. Now she had not heard from him. She wondered if she was doing the right thing or if he even still loved her. What was love after all ? Should she call it all off ? Should she reconsider and go to college ? She did not know if she could do that as she felt her life was not just hers any longer. Her very existence seemed to be so intertwined with the young man who was her fiancé. He was almost as young as she at 17 only he was 20 and was far away serving in the Army. It had been weeks since she had any communication from him. She longed to hear from him, to see him, to be with him, to know that he was safe and well. She had been admonished by her mother and father and her older sister that she could be making a grave mistake getting married so young. She should date longer, not be so serious, create a successful career for herself instead of being tied down to one person. The storm and uncertainty inside her raged as did the storm outside her parents’ living room as she held the tiny gold band. A torrential rain of tears streamed down her cheeks. Thunder and lightning, wind and blackness, sadness, swirled around her until finally the storms both quieted. The rain and blackness now ended. The deep and dark clouds parted and beautiful sunlight filled the wondrous spring sky outside as well as the sunlight of love filled her soul. The phone had rung. She ran quickly to answer it. It was her husband to be. As soon as she heard his voice she knew. He had been unable to get in touch with her and it had been shear torture for him, he said. He seemed to be weeping very gently as he spoke with her. She knew she could no sooner be without him than the air she breathed. Yes, she would be a bride, yes she would marry her young fiancé and whatever lay ahead they would face together as it was meant to be. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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  1. Old Comment
    snowflake22's Avatar
    Wow. Beautiful & powerful!! Very descriptive, I could picture every word. Bravo!! xo
    Posted 03-10-2013 at 06:42 PM by snowflake22 snowflake22 is online now

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