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A Little April Fool's in November

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Posted 11-03-2013 at 06:05 PM by Jeff Westover

Some people will believe anything.

Today on Facebook, on a whim brought on only by a late Saturday night and an early Sunday morning, I posted this snippet:

Did you know that on this date in history the first artificial Christmas tree was found off the coast of Siliconia in 1855? Artificial Christmas trees became an American tradition when Woolworths began selling them to gypsies out of the back of a wagon in 1887.

That snippet came from the draft of a script I wrote more than two years ago. When I research a topic I will put a placeholder in italics and red colored text until I can find the "fact" I seek and replace it.

I must have been in a goofy mood or something when I wrote that and I found it funny this morning, so I just copied and pasted it as a Facebook status expecting somebody to speak up about the absurdity of artificial Christmas trees being "discovered".

To my surprise, within a few minutes the comment had several "likes".

What is a "like" anyway? Is it agreement? Does that mean those who clicked "like" see the humor and are playing along with me?

Or does that mean they just take what I posted at face value as "fact"?

The idea intrigued me so I went to Twitter and posted it there, too. Then I headed off to Church.

It is now several hours later and I'm numb by the response to this.

Twitter is ALWAYS more responsive than Facebook but today -- nothing. Not a word.

In my email, which always brings more lengthy, thoughtful responses on Sundays -- there were two.

The first one asked for a link to the article that "fact" came from. They wanted to know more.

The 2nd one asked why they couldn't find Siliconia on Google Maps.


This makes me wonder what else I can get away with.
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