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Putting my self on Probation.......

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Posted 08-16-2008 at 02:56 PM by christmascreations

I christmascreations have found myself guilty of heavy procrastination in the decluttering of my home and neglect of my physical and emotional happiness.

The time has been long overdue for me to cleanup and organize my bedroom. Having 2 beds, 2 dressers, and items for me and my 3 boys in there has cluttered up the space drastically. The clutterbug has bit me and I need to fight back!!!!

With a very hectic work schedule and being a single mom, the time to do that is very limited!!! I have alot of housework to catch up on as soon as the boys go back to school. Every time I go to work it seems my boys get away with a lot (since my dad watches them) and the house is in COMPLETE chaos!!!

I have broken the cleaning rule of focussing on one room at a time but when I feel overwhelmed in one room I move to another room to keep me going and hit the internet when I need a break also.

So with all that said, starting next week I will be putting myself on probation!! I will not be allowed to go shopping or buy anything new until I am content with my living space. I will also be limiting my time on the computer in the day time. I can't do too much housework at night when I send the boys to bed do that should be fine.

I will bring a box/bag of papers with me to work so I can sort through it when I have extra time. Thank God I can do that right now but if I get a job with the schools (crossing fingers) then I won't have that time soon enough but I will have a favorable job with weekends off and more time to spend with my boys!!! I will also get all my reading done at work or before bed only.

I will also begin working on setting up a menu plan once baseball season begins again to help reduce that stress/complications of my days and nights!!!

I wonder if anyone else has put themselves on probation???
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