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Life's Message

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Posted 06-05-2011 at 07:41 AM by caninemom3

I must be waxing philosophical this morning or something. I am sitting here trying to figure out what life, my life in particular, is all about. I have heard many, many philosophies about the subject in my time and none of them explains anything to me. We have all asked, I am sure, why am I even here ? This is a question I not only ask but live daily, hourly sometimes.

Is life supposed to be about loss, about pain and suffering ?? I suppose those things are all a part of all our lives and it is not that I have suffered more than anyone else. In fact my "cross" has been very light compared to those of others.

Still sometimes I am weighed down and feel as though I cannot take even one more step or crawl one more inch.

Now, here comes the pity party.

Why are all my family gone ?? everyone except my dear sister. Why am I so alone all of the time ?? At least that is the way I feel. Even my best friends in the whole world seem to have abandoned me at times. I know this isn't really the case, they are just busy with their own lives, their own "stuff" and have not meant to leave me behind but hey, this is my pity party so in addition to waxing philosophical I also wax self indulgent and childish.

Life is not a joyous celebration for me, save for Christmas. Christmas erases all that which is hopeless and depressing and replaces it with a spirit of hope and light. A beacon to follow.

But that beacon is so far off sometimes and I will never get, and perhaps I am not supposed to get, why such horrible things are allowed to happen to people. (yes, in addition to me. Believe it or not I am thinking of others). Waht about the holocaust ? What about the recent earthquake and the people in Japan ? What about the victims in Joplin, Missouri and what about the tornado which just struck Massachusetts ?

I find myself not only asking sometimes "Where are you Christmas" But also "Where are you God ?"

Are these all the result of a God who loves us ?? I just don't get it and I never will. But who am I after all. Obviously if I were supposed to get it, I would. I still believe that God loves us. All of us and Christmas is STILL a beacon of light and love and beauty and healing.

I have often heard it said that when something happens to us humans, God cries with us. I prefer to think of God as a loving Father. Sometimes children have to go through things that parents cannot fix. Perhaps that is the way it is with God and the world and our lives.

But I am still left wondering why ?

Though I am being overly melodramatic, this song expresses exactly the way I feel....In fact there has never been a song, poem or message that expresses my feelings more completely.....

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    Storeytime's Avatar
    I wish I had some answers for you, but I guess the only thing I know is that there is a God and I'm not Him.

    So, I'll leave you with this ----Hang in there, an answer could come any moment. I try to think of it like this: The ancient Jews were backed up against the Red Sea with the Egyptians bearing down on them. It made no sense to them and they could have just surrendered. But in a moment the sea parted. You never know when God is going to part that sea for you.
    Posted 06-18-2011 at 11:35 PM by Storeytime Storeytime is offline
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar
    These probing questions are the essence of our existence and our divine nature, Caninemom3. I don't know anyone who hasn't asked or asks these very same questions.

    I think we all come to our own conclusions. All of our experiences are different and they lead us down different paths. But for me, it is the sum of those experiences that teaches me this:

    If God made us in His image then he must know and understand this mortal experience we're having. Perhaps he even passed through such Himself. We are taught that the Glory of God is intelligence -- or, light and truth.

    If that is indeed true then as we can in intelligence -- light, truth, knowledge, experience -- we must be meeting the grand purposes then of God.

    Indeed, scripture tells us: "This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

    Eternal life is something folks are attracted to but I feel few can really define what that means.

    I recall some missionaries coming to my door many years ago with a pamphlet that said something to the effect of "God wants you to live forever" and it showed a picture of a family having a picnic in a park. I asked them what the picture represented and they said that we could be together forever as a family.

    But when I probed further and asked if this is what eternal life is they were stumped. After all, I can have a picnic in the park now with my family. Is that all there is to eternal life? Picnics without end?

    I think not. Not coming from the Great I Am, who describes His work as worlds without end.

    Evolution is a scary word to a lot of people but I'm a big believer in intellectual evolution and I don't believe God intends us to ever stand still. He promises us eternal life because we have the capacity for eternal life.

    He knows us. He knows that which we are capable of.

    You need only look at the progress of a human being in the first few years of life to know that we learn, develop, adapt and evolve very quickly. Intelligence grows and is living.

    To learn and grow in intelligence we can't just sit in a class and hear a lecture and though we have scripture we can't just read about life either. We have to live it.

    And that means enduring all that comes with it -- the contrasting elements of pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, hot and cold, winter and summer, accident and consequence.

    All these things give us experience and cause us to grow in intelligence, or light and truth. All of it, even the bad if we learn from it, gives Glory to God.

    Why are we here? Well, intelligence in just one part of the equation, my friend.

    What we do with that intelligence and the choices we make are quite another. And that, I think, reveals more about our character in relation to God than anything else...the application of intelligence.

    For all the experience the world has I sometimes question if collectively we're learning anything. If we, as a whole, are making better choices.

    I guess that is up to God to judge. The rest of it is just taking inventory of our own existence, our own experience and fulfilling as best we can the full measure of our creation.

    I don't believe God wants us to be unhappy or to experience bad things. That's why he gave us commandments. That's parental wisdom.

    I have teenagers and I can tell you I understand better now the fierce opposition a child gives to a loving parent who imposes limits and commands out of protection and love only to be ignored and then absolutely devastated when natural laws of consequence take effect.

    I believe God weeps for us. I believe he is aware of our faults, our tears, our trials. And I believe he designed us to grow from them, as much as they hurt.

    The promise of heaven or a hereafter too often, as so many things of this world, focus on the reward, the physical.

    I believe heaven not to be an end-game but rather the next level in our spiritual experience, growth and development.

    Does that mean more pain and suffering?

    I don't know. But I believe when that time comes we'll be given greater explanation, definition and urgency in the development and evolution of our spiritual selves.

    And I believe we will be happy.

    That is, ultimately, what God wants.
    Posted 06-23-2011 at 10:02 AM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
  3. Old Comment
    lauriebear's Avatar
    I believe Jeff has so eloquently said what I feel in my heart. I know we all question the why, and I do believe God cries for us but out of love, for love is the reason of the tears - because as with all parents your children do things that hurt them or sometimes even you and crying helps relieve the pain. God feels pain for this I am sure, but there have been times when I need God and I was not alone, God was there I felt the support and the love, and someone who helped me find my way. There has also been times when I did not feel God when I thought for sure that I would, now I believe God was there but in the background as God knew I needed to do this without direct help. Sometimes this world is cruel and I get saddened by it, but this also makes the good fight harder to right the wrongs and heal the wounded. I am not sure if this helps you but there are two songs I love one is called I can only imagine and the other is When I get where I'm going... Well you bet I can only imagine and when I do get there I am sure it won't be as unfamiliar as I sometimes hear it spoken about.
    Posted 07-22-2011 at 11:47 AM by lauriebear lauriebear is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Lynn68's Avatar
    Wow, I need to tell you that your blog brought tears to my eyes. It hit home in so many ways. Sometimes it feels better just knowing others feel the same way or are going through the same things as you. Thank you for your deep and powerful blog.
    Posted 09-05-2011 at 12:40 PM by Lynn68 Lynn68 is offline

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