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Autumn Memories

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Posted 09-23-2011 at 10:00 PM by caninemom3

Today was the first day of Autumn and the weather was perfect ! It was a bit rainy and gloomy but as I emerged from the house to go run some errands, it seemed as though there was a kind of glow about the trees and a magic starting to awaken in the air. As I went about the things I had to do today, I found myself smiling in spite of the gloomy weather. Everywhere I looked there were pumpkins for sale and everytime I see a pumpkin, whether it is a Jack O' Lantern or still just a plain old pumpkin I always think of my dad.

When I was very young, perhaps 4 or 5, my dad started taking me with him every year in the Fall to go and look at the candidates for that year's Jack O' Lantern. We would go to many pumpkin patches, sometimes farms until I found just that special one. Sometimes if I could not decide, he would buy all the ones I liked. I held his hand as we went from pumpkin to pumpkin, he being 51 or so and me barely being beyond toddler. Of course, I ALWAYS had to name my pumpkin. I can't remember any of the names I chose but I wanted to give everything a name so there were no hurt feelings. I didn't realize at the time that inanimate objects didn't really care if they had a name, I just wanted them to feel loved. (I admit it, I am still that way today a little bit)

After we got the pumpkin or pumpkins home the really exciting part began. My dad would always let me watch as he transformed the pumpkin to Jack O' Lantern, cutting the top, scooping out the seeds and then planning the face. He carved each pumpkin in a painstaking and meticululous fashion because after all, I was his youngest baby.

After each Jack O' Lantern had a name and a face they each got a candle and the glow filled the night as we sat them outside our house.

I can't imagine having such a young child at the age of 51 but my father took it in stride. He and my mother always made sure that I knew they really wanted me and they always made me feel special and loved.

My mother often told me of how when I was born my dad was so happy that he had another little girl that he went out and celebrated pehaps a little too much and got his words backward saying that I was his beautiful blond-eyed, blue-haired baby !! (No dad, the weird hair colors would come in the late 1960s)

Trick or Treating was so much fun when I was little. We actually went at NIGHT and I was always so excited about going that I couldn't sleep the night before. In the early days my two brothers were assigned to take the baby for Trick or Treating. They never complained. They teased me, of course, but if anyone had tried to be mean or steal my bag, they would not have gotten far. My brothers would not have stood for it. There really was not much meanness where I lived at that time. Children were pretty much safe and there was no poison or razor blades or worse to worry about for the most part. It was just wonderful and fun and a great time to be a kid.

It is true that our memories go with us and sometimes sustain us. Because of those wonderful Autumn memories my soul has the sustenance it needs to carry on.
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    Love these memories -what a gift to cherish!
    Posted 09-24-2011 at 08:22 AM by loksi loksi is offline

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