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A Year of Tradition Being Born

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Posted 12-13-2011 at 01:35 AM by Jeff Westover

Last spring when we first started getting serious about what we could do to celebrate our 20th anniversary we brainstormed a lot of different things.

It is interesting to me to look back now and consider how some of those ideas came to pass this year and how I think we've started some new traditions.

Consider the gift exchange, for example. We've never done a gift exchange before. I've wanted to but have never really been able to come up with an idea that would make it feasible. Then one night it hit me: just don't tell anyone who sent the gift and just don't tell anyone where their gift is going. Let it all be a surprise on Christmas morning.

What is happening right now, as we speak, is that little gifts are flying around the world in this unknown fashion and on Christmas Day we'll find out what happened. There are not a ton of people in the exchange but when the rest of the MMC world hears about this I'm sure next years exchange will hit epic levels.

We held the World's Largest Christmas Party over the weekend. It was an event requiring a lot of hands on deck and, frankly, a lot of screw ups. I didn't feel confident heading into the weekend that we would pull it off.

And it got off to a rough start. I won't spill the uglier details but lets just say that from Thursday through Monday I slept maybe five hours and just about pulled my hair out.

But on Sunday mid-day my time things came together. And we had it all going on -- chat, live radio, forums -- people were having a genuine good time and that was the feeling we were trying to capture.

From it I think another new tradition has taken root. I cannot see us NOT getting together again. Some things will be different. Maybe we tried to do too much. But in the end, getting together was what it was all about and the world that missed it has no idea how great it was. We will show them again and again and again because that is what we do.

We worked hard the past couple of months putting together the Top 100. As RJD and Jay and I recorded those programs (6 hours we put together in just a couple of days) we started between us a little discussion about running that chart non-stop year round.

Now, granted, I don't suspect we're going to get a lot of people who care about the Christmas Top 10 in April, much less the top 100.

But Christmas music is unlike any other niche of music out there. When you consider that our top ten contained songs that were in some cases nearly 70 years old THAT's unique. What other chart would be as tough to break into when you're competing against that?

So we're going to do -- every month -- we're going to publish what our world here thinks are the top 100 songs of Christmas. And every Christmas season we're going to string them together and play them on our station and enjoy what we've been tracking.

A new tradition!

Tradition is what makes Christmas so special, I think. My children caused us to create so many traditions that now that they are older we do them because "it's tradition". Like tracking Santa Claus. All of my kids are well beyond the Santa years. But they all insist on tracking Santa. It's tradition.

That's kind of like our Christmas card exchange. Or our ornament exchange. I mean, after all, how many ornaments do you need?

That's hardly the point. It's tradition and that makes the season important to us.

This year -- this tough, ugly, no-good, rotten, lousy yesr for so many people -- has given rise to a ton of new traditions.

As time passes and especially in the dog days of summer I can't help but think we've done it all and there isn't any possible way it can get better than it is.

But it can...and it does. Every year.

These terrible years of so much personal strife and difficult times pass at the same measured pace as the years of bounty and blessing. Through out it all we turn, I think, to our constants for perspective.

Christmas is such a constant for me. A true anchor. We can find it in so many things amongst us. In movies, in music, in chats, in forum posts, in baked goods and decorations and cards and gifts and shared experiences. Beneath it all -- no matter what we do or what traditions we birth -- love is really what powers it all.

That's why when those dog days of summer come around I never dwell too long peeking down the well to see if anything is there.

It's there. Lots of it.

And it makes me very grateful.

Here's to another year of new traditions.
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  1. Old Comment
    MerryCarey's Avatar
    In a word: Amen!
    Posted 12-13-2011 at 05:32 PM by MerryCarey MerryCarey is online now
  2. Old Comment
    lauriebear's Avatar
    A toast to new traditions!!! Funny, my husband said the other day, why are we doing this (putting the one red candle among the white) I simply said, honey it's TRADITION!!!! And we both laughed, when did that start, I couldn't tell you, but here we are with the one red candle among the white we have a stand of 12 and we light one for each night of Christmas the Red one is 1st.
    Posted 12-16-2011 at 06:49 AM by lauriebear lauriebear is offline
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