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Welcome to our newest member, AMcLoud
Most of the postings found herein are of a Seasonal Musical Kind. Playlists from a show called "Mistletoe Mix" on Kringle Radio & Merry Christmas Radio will be found as well as general musings of lyrical & melodically significance as applicable to Christmas music and the enjoyment thereof.

However, the proverbial right for straying from the musical notes and verse is respectfully hereby instated to include the wanderings therefrom a mind that may every now and again think of something else of which to set to prose.

Welcome! Pull up an earphone or speaker and enjoy!
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~Mistletoe Mix~ Musings

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Posted 09-05-2008 at 01:49 PM by RadioJonD

After some encouragement from the Queen of the Yule Blog her ownself, Gingerbug, here is my first ever real post! Following Mark Twain’s advice to write about what you know (or did someone else say that?), pretty much limits my feeble mind.

For about the last three months I have been contemplating the ~Mistletoe Mix~ on Merry Christmas Radio. Jayish has been very gracious to play CDs that my family has cranked out to friends and family every year. Seeing that I had the equipment laying around to set up a regular recording office, I thought that cranking out a new show for MCR per week would be a snap. Boy! Was I wrong!

First, I had to drag all the stuff from a building out in back of our house. My brother and I are selling off some of the equipment from our small recording service (RichJon Recordings) that we recently closed. He helped me pick out and set up what I needed to record a show.

Actually, let me back up; First, my wife and I had to clear out a spare room in the house to make room for the stuff I needed from the “little house.” Well, that is easier said than done, as we all know! Long story short (aren’t those the best?), I managed to fumble my way through to set up what I thought I needed. Setting up home studio ain’t nothing like setting up to record a Gospel group in a church or large room!

So! With a lot of technical advice from my brother, who always engineered our recording sessions, I was finally ready to start the first MCR ~Mistletoe Mix~. Three months of fumbling, contemplating, procrastinating, and never writing any ideas down on paper finally brought me to the point of “do it or don’t!”

Two hours should have been no problem, remember? By the time I was finished with the first hour, I was digging deep into a Christmas music collection that I thought was big. Now, the good thing about all that digging is that I’ll play stuff that I don’t necessarily like. Perhaps you will. About the only line I’ll draw in the proverbial Yule sand is that I won’t play anything that one can hear on a regular basis on any Christmas broadcast or web radio station. You can bet your elf shoes that if you hear "White Christmas" it will be in a whole different wrapping! You all have put up with my posts about what lies below the surface of the same fifty Tinsel Tunes that are played into the ground. I’ll spare you here…for now.

By the time I was finished, two weeks had passed! I now have a greater appreciation for the time and effort involved in producing the finished product! The once a week show originally planed will be a monthly show now. As I gain experience and tweak the operation (setting mic levels, normalizing music levels, etc), I may bump up to two shows a month if Jayish will allow.

I would like to thank Jeff Westover for making MCR happen, Jayish for making it continue to happen, and Kevin Dunn for the great example, and all of you that have offered encouragement. All I have to do now is fall flat on my face!

More later!

Meanwhile, I need ideas and tunes! I'm thinking about a few themes for upcoming ~Mistletoe Mix~ shows. Help me think of a list of songs featuring:

1)- Alternate modes of Transportation for Santa. We all know about the reindeer and sleigh. What are some of the others? I"ll start, "Santa's Coming in a Whirlybird" by Gene Autry.

2)- Dancing. The obvious is "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree." What are some others? Off the top of my head, Santa has done the twist and the mambo.

3)- Naughty List. Lorne Greene, aka Ben Cartwright, will definitely make an appearence (a ~MM~ tradition) and some folks who have spent time in jail over Christmas will drop by! I may even break down and play "I'm gettin' Nuthin' For Christmas!" Or, Heaven forbid!, "Santa Baby." Please find me enough where I won't have to! (And remember boys and girls, a preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence...with.)

If we can't find enough theme tunes to fill an entire two-hour show, I'll play as many as we find.

It's not too late for a suggestion for a Christmas/Halloween tune. While I probably won't be playing any outright Halloween tunes, I'll be featuring a few sinister Christmas ones!
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    JayIsh's Avatar
    I can't wait to get Jon's show uploaded!!! Hopefully tonight...And Jon...Once a week, once a month, whatever works for you, works for me!!! All I know is...Based on the previouos response to your Southern Gentlemanly timber, the lovely Lady JonD will have too beat the groupies away with a stick!!!

    Party on Garth...
    Posted 09-05-2008 at 02:38 PM by JayIsh JayIsh is offline
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