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What Christmas Means To Me

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Posted 12-10-2012 at 09:33 AM by lauriebear

What Christmas Means To Me

Over the last few weeks I have heard and have been a part of some conversations about Christmas, the whole “Happy Holidays” vs. Merry Christmas. I also kept my mouth shut on some occasions as I truly disagreed with what was being said and decided to not “fuel the fire” so to speak.

So I figured I can write this and post it to my blog here for anyone who might what to read what this time of year means to me. Let me remind you before you start reading, this is solely my opinion, that’s all, and it is how I see this time and why it is special to me.

When the Christmas time draws near (for me it is late September), I really start thinking about what I would like to make and give out. I start to reminisce of the past Christmas cheer and joy. I get excited to see the new Christmas movies that will be on, and the old ones that are part of my family’s traditions to watch. I love to see who is coming out with a new Christmas CD and their take on some of my favorites.

Now I try to be open minded with everyone’s beliefs but I have a hard time with being told what to celebrate or what to say. I celebrate Christmas; I celebrate it because I believe the Christ child was born. I put up my tree, and I give gifts as symbols of this special day. It doesn’t matter to me if this truly wasn’t the day of his birth as this is now the day we choose to celebrate it. He was born to bring light into a world that had fallen in darkness. My tree is a symbol; the gifts I give are symbols too. I believe that Santa Claus is also a symbol. What do these symbols mean to me? They mean and represent the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of love; these presents I give come with my love not just for the person who is receiving them but for God and Jesus. If you do not give something with love in your heart then they are truly meaningless and are nothing but tokens, without love the Christmas Spirit is broken. Your love, my love is something that cannot be purchased; it is from our heart, from above. Just buying a gift and giving it does not mean you have Christmas in your heart. Singing Christmas Carols, hanging stockings are meaningless if it isn't done with love in your heart. To me all these things I do bring the story that is behind all these gestures closer to my heart.

So as I deck the halls and trim my tree I embrace the love of the Christ child and all that his birth brought us.

That's what Christmas means to me.

What does Christmas mean to you?
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    [B][I]Bravo and well Said !!! Oh Laurie.......Thank you for this very meaningful blog. I could not agree more with you. He came to the world to bring a great light and I myself try to never forget that light, though I fall very, very short most of the time. In the spirit and love of Christ Jesus, Merry CHRISTmas, my dear friend (((HUGS)) xo[/I][/B]
    Posted 12-11-2012 at 05:07 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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