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Merry Christmas Mom And Dad

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Posted 12-18-2012 at 01:37 PM by caninemom3
Updated 12-18-2012 at 02:47 PM by caninemom3

Hi mom and dad. It's just me, your youngest. It is Christmas Season once again on Earth, but I am sure you know that. Of course with all the joy of Christmas Season comes a longing to see you both again. You both taught me about Christmas when I was just a baby. Mom, you taught me about Jesus and his birth and how to make cookies and how to decorate them but most important of all you taught me how to have FUN. You taught me that Christmas has many sides among them decorating, singing carols and being with family in addition to the sacred side of Christmas. You taught me how Jesus was born and how He loves us no matter what. When I asked you in my childish way one Autumn if God sewed the leaves back on the trees with a needle and thread you very patiently answered, "Yes, that is what God does." You read to me for hours on end and showed me pictures of such wondrous things in life as I sat on your lap. You gave me the love of reading too.

Dad you taught me how to decorate the tree, how to place lights and how to put the decorations on so they looked the best. We all decorated the tree together as a family but I think I learned the most of all from you. We always had a real tree each year when I was small and no matter how crooked it may have been when it was all decorated and the lights lit you would declare "That's the prettiest tree we've ever had." You taught me that when I grew up I would have a job and how to be dependable and reliable for my employer no matter how I felt, no matter if I was sick or bored or didn't want to go in and you taught me how to be independent.

You both took me to see Santa in the parade each year that ushered in the Christmas Season. Then later on when I was older the three of us would go shopping together. We would all get so tired by the end of our shopping session each year partly because we had laughed so much and had such a wonderful time just enjoying each other's company I am sure that is where a lot of the tiredness came from.

Christmas was always so special because of both of you. You gave to us your children the ability to cherish the WHOLE season year round and not just one day. Dad, you had a particular fondness for George C. Scott as Scrooge because I pointed out to you how much the two of you looked alike ! We always teased you about being a Scrooge but nothing could have been more untrue. You tried to be gruff and pretend you didn't care if we your children had Christmas presents yet every year if you didn't have the money saved, you would take out a loan so we could have presents under the tree, a behavior so far from Scrooge it is laughable. You also tried to pretend you didnt care if you even got anything but I remember one year you saying "I didn't get anything" because you didn't know your present was hidden in the branches of the tree. You seemed like the little kid Santa forgot when in reality you had gotten a gift. Andy, my oldest brother had gotten you a special ink pen you had been eyeing and when you opened it, you were just like a little kid when you opened it. Your gruff cover was blown forever.....

All the Christmasses we had together. I think back on them. The last couple you were with us you could not have felt well dad, but nevertheless you carried on just like always. I did your shopping for you that year because you just were not able. I was glad to do it and even though you were so ill you still had that twinkle in your eye that only Christmas brought to you. You were so courageous and remarkable after all you had been through and my hero.

I don't know how you did it, mom and dad. Dad, you were 47 when I was born and mom you were 40. Just what you needed another squalling baby at your ages !! But you always both told me how thrilled you were that I came along, that I had been a miracle you had prayed for. I cant imagine me being a miracle in any way, shape or form but to both of you I was.

I talk to you both all the time, especially now at Christmas time. I knew one day I would probably lose you but I kept praying and praying that day was far off. No matter how much time I had been given with you it would not have been enough. I cant imagine showing disrepect for you or some of the things kids do to their parents these days. I loved you too much and I felt honored to have you as my parents.

I always wanted you to be proud of me mom and dad. I haven't done anything that is praise worthy but maybe someday I will.

I don't know if Christmas is celebrated where you are. I hope it is. My gift to you is my heart and my love. If I could just see you both and give you a hug again, that would be the most wonderful gift I could ever get.

Thank you doesn't seem enough for all that you did for me and all that you taught me by your examples. From you I learned work ethic, honesty, trustworthiness, and how to forgive and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

I learned that animals are our brothers and sisters too and are to be cherished as they are living souls just like we are and they were to be protected and loved as any living being.

I learned how to love others and how to give of myself for the sake of someone who is in need and down on their luck and just needing a friend.

You gave far more than you ever took and I wish you were still here with me now in the physical presence so we couuld be together once more at Christmas.

Merry Christmas Mom And Dad. I'll be talking to you soon xo
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  1. Old Comment
    Christmas-A-Holic's Avatar
    That's beautiful and I guarantee you that your parents are very proud of you! You have a lot of compassion that I am sure you learned from your parents and they are praising you for it right this very minute!

    I remember you mentioning how your dad looks like George C. Scott. Now every time I see that Christmas Carol movie I think of you and your dad.

    Thanks for sharing the letter to your parents. God Bless you, Louanne!
    Posted 12-18-2012 at 03:33 PM by Christmas-A-Holic Christmas-A-Holic is offline
  2. Old Comment
    momnan30's Avatar
    Just getting to read some of the blog posts now that I am home recuperating. This beautiful tribute to your parents touched my heart in many ways. You are a remarkable person and your parents are proud of you beyond your imagination as you carry on without their physical presence. I dream of hugging my parents again someday- miss them so much it brings tears to my eyes at the thought of them. God bless you for sharing these deeply personal remembrances of your lovely family.
    Posted 01-18-2013 at 12:57 PM by momnan30 momnan30 is offline

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