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Warm Fuzzies And Gratefulness

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Posted 06-28-2010 at 08:48 PM by caninemom3

As I am sitting here just kind of pondering many thoughts I realize how very blessed and grateful I am for so many things. I love this country. Truly. I may have my gripes about it but I love it. I have always known the freedom I have so to live somewhere without freedom is unfathomable to me. Heck, I get teary eyed when my husband and I are in the supermarket getting our groceries and it comes to me that I am buying EXACTLY what I want, that I am not being told or suggested what to buy. The decision is all mine. I can pray any time of the night or day I want or not. I come and go as I please. These may seem like simple freedoms but I am so glad to have them. The bounty I have completely dazzles me. I see and read about our brave troops battling in other lands and they are doing such a wonderful job and I know their living conditions cannot be great. May God bless and protect all of them, every one, and their famililes too.

I have a home to live in off the street and hopefully with the help of God above we will be able to replace our broken furnace before the Winter but even if we could not, it would still be better living without a furnace as we still have a woodburning fireplace than the living circumstances of the poor souls I have seen on the street. Would that I could take them ALL IN including the homeless animals I would. I would feed them all, cloth them all (not the animals, the people !!) and give them great big hugs. Big hugs, not the feigned kind.

I also have my health. Now in my mid 50s good health is a precious gem. As a transcriptionist I type so many reports on people who are my age and younger who get horrible diseases that cannot be cured. Somehow, by the grace of God above I have been spared as well as my sister and her husband and my husband also have been spared.

I do wish I could do more to repay what I have been given. I hope God will just accept a very big "Thanks." If I could also do more to help all the beaten and abused animals of this world and in this country as well as destitute humans then I would feel as though I have done something here. Time will tell I suppose whether I can make any difference at all.
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    Thanks for reminding me of the more simple things.
    Posted 06-28-2010 at 11:00 PM by Adam Adam is offline

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