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Christmas Magic And MMC

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Posted 07-13-2010 at 09:04 PM by caninemom3
Tags mmc

A weird thing always happens to me even before Christmas is even over. A few days before Christmas Eve I begin to be sad because I know that it will all soon be over for another year. It seems to get worse every year with every birthday. Last year, however, something changed. I was depressed as usual but in late December when the Christmas blues were kicing in full scale I found this site. It made me feel like Christmas was here, waiting for me. It felt magical, like going to a 24/7 celebration of Jesus' birth with all the good feelings associated with that as well as all the excitement. I began to read some of the posts and I noticed right away how respectful everyone was toward each other. I was amazed. I have been to other Christmas sites and even am a member of a couple others but this one is so special. I truly believe this website has Christmas magic and part of that magic is due to the way Mr. Westover oversees everything. I call him Mr. Westover because as I am speaking about his site, I believe I should be very respectful as he has put so much into this and deserves nothing less. I have noted that even though individuals may not agree with one another from time to time as you will have with human beings everyone remains RESPECTFUL. That it inself in my opinion is a minor miracle. I am really quite shy and often quite backward. I have never really fit in with any group, have always been kind of in a place by myself. Until I was brought to this site. After I joined, I got courage enough to start posting. Eventually with the encouragement of some others who blog like Xmas365 and Rockchild, I too started my own blog. I admit the first one I did was really scary. I was so afraid I would sound stupid and dull but despite my fears, no criticism came. Just more encouragement. I guess in a way this wonderful site ties in with what I said in an earlier blog about Christmas being the representative of hope to me. This site IS Christmas in a way, which means it gives me hope. I know that to a certain extent I am accepted here and nobody is going to attack me for my views and if I do sound stupid, everyone here is too kind to tell me !! I can't explain it but this site has IT, the TRUE Christmas spirit and I am so glad and happy to be a part of it. For years I have been told I am odd, weird, ridiculous for being so sad after Christmas has passed. I have actually discovered there are others who feel the same way I do !! So at least on this site, with my Christmas family, I am not weird. I am just me. One who loves Christmas and everything it stands for and because of the acceptance and encouragement of all here, I am home and where else should you be on Christmas but at home ........
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  1. Old Comment

    There are no more eloquent words than those that come from the heart. What you've written, came from the heart.

    Beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing it. And thank you for what you bring to mmc. You and folks like you are precisely why this place is a little bit of magic, 24/7/365.

    Best Wishes,
    Posted 07-14-2010 at 08:04 PM by jimmyolsen jimmyolsen is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Adam's Avatar
    Awww thank you!!! You are def not alone ..not around here anyway. Not as long as there are others like us.
    Posted 07-17-2010 at 02:06 AM by Adam Adam is offline

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