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Christmas, Jesus, Rhodesian Ridgebacks And Such

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Posted 09-03-2010 at 09:42 AM by caninemom3
Tags ridgeback

There are so many thoughts swirling in my head today, I don't know where to begin ! It is finally September, which means the Autumn equinox will be here shortly ! I am so excited ! I am going to try later today to get all of my Fall/Halloween indoor decorations out. I like to have my decorations (particularly Halloween and Christmas) up a long time beforehand so I can enjoy them longer. I can't wait to see the changing colors of the leaves and to hear Christmas Carols again on the music channel I have when they are "officially" allowed !!! September 1 starts the season my first husband and I used to call Christween, as I have posted in other places on the MMC site. I also think part of my excitement this year is due to MMC itself.

When I come to the site, it is like I am leaving behind any problems, any stress and any sense of negativity, like I am entering "Christmas Land' itself. Everyone here has been so amazingly kind to me, it does make me cry sometimes. I am normally very emotional but I don't often show it around here at home for reasons already mentioned before in another blog, and when I come to this site the welcome I get makes me feel overwhelmed with so much kindess and warm thoughts it is just unbelievable but very much appreciated. To me it is like one great big group hug. When I was a kid I was one of the ones nobody wanted on their team and I was made fun of a LOT but when I come to MMC everyone makes me feel so special, like I AM welcome on this team. Like I am someone special, that I matter. Everyone here is so tolerant of one another and their opinions, just as Jesus taught we should be, that it feels like Christmas itself.

In early November I get my Santa Claus collection out and place them on top of my mantle along with garland (which is actually there 12 months of the year 24/7 but I do replace the lights on the garland). Then I put up my nativity scene. My nativity scene has all the traditional elements, the Holy Family, angels, shepherds, etc. But it also has another element - animals. Lots and lots of animals. I have everything from meerkats to polar bears all coming to worship Jesus on his birthday. In my thinking even though most of them are not indegenous to the Middle East, they are there to pay homage to their Creator on His birthday anyway. If He can create them, to me He could make it so that they could all be there as improbable as that may sound to humans. In my mind they are His children too and His children should all wish Him a Happy Birthday.

I can't wait to decorate my tree this year !! I do it on Thanksgiving morning as I watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. I have a prelit tree but always add more lights to it. I have a lot of Hallmark ornaments that require plugging into a light set and it just is not safe to plug them into the prelit ones already on the tree so I add more lights. To me, the more lights the better !! (I am sure Ohio Edison feels the same way !) I have many ornaments that are old and all are very special to me. Two ornaments stand out in particular. One is an ornament I have mentioned before which my mother gave me long ago. It was made in the 1940s when the USA was fighting WWII. It is made of plastic. In those days glass was being used for the war effort so ornaments or at least some of them were made of plastic. It is wine colored and on one side has a design of candles burning and on the other side it says "Merry X-Mas." It is very precious to me as it is from my wonderful, special mom. The second ornament that stands out was made by my sister for me. It was made one year when she was having lots of personal problems and she came to visit on Thanksgiving Day. (Thanksgiving was not the usual family day for our family as it is for most). At that time I was into making ornaments from kits and had just finished a batch. My sister borrowed one of my husband's handkerchiefs, some left over batting from the kit I had just finished as well as some sequens and made a Christmas tree !! She carefully stitched it together and gave it to me, all the while chatting and drinking tea with me. She says it is the ugliest ornament on the face of this Earth but of course I don't see it that way. It shines in its beauty and simplicity and the fact that my sister made it. Both these ornaments are placed near the top of the tree (the place of high honor on my tree) along with all the nativity based ornaments. I am sure the baby Jesus and Mother Mary do not mind sharing the spotlight with them as they are all about the same thing - Love. I love turning all the lghts off at night, except for the tree and sitting there basking in its is amazing glow, a symbol of "all is bright" and hope and a symbol of Him.

Of course, my furchildren all help with the decorating. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Clancy who is 4. They are considered a rare breed but I have had Ridgebacks before and have loved each and every one but Clancy and I have a very special bond. Though she is a big girl (She weighs 90 lbs, the same as me) she HAS to be on my lap and "in my skin" as much as she can be. Ridgebacks are extremely gentle creatures and I have provided a link below about them if anyone is interested in their history:


I do disagree with one part of the article, however. It says Ridgebacks are aloof to strangers. Not Clancy. She is very sweet dispositioned and would give anyone a big warm hug and kiss if they would let her.

My final thought for this blog is that I hope when I "cross over" someday that my Master as well as all my precious, previous furbabies as well as my human family will be there and that it will be eternally Christmas. Wouldn't that be a miraculous way to spend eternity ?? To me it would be the most wonderful time I have ever known. I don't know how Jesus will work that out, but it is, after all, up to Him isn't it ?
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  1. Old Comment
    ChristmasHeart's Avatar
    Oh my dear...what a wonderful blog!!! You did have a lot of thoughts swirling around in your head - and I thank you for sharing them with us! ARE special and welcome here on MMC and in our hearts! I am sure hapy that we met!!! I feel the same way...and you described it perfectly...MMC is like one BIG group hug! Oh...and another thing we have in common...LOTS OF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! I've always been big on that! When our Christmas Tree goes up - most evenings (like...95% of the time), I have the Christmas lights turned on and no other lights in the house on! It also sounds like you had a very special day with your sister that day you made ornaments together! What a most lovely blog (I'll say it again) uplifting and it sounds like you have so many happy thoughts! Good on you, my friend!!!
    Posted 09-03-2010 at 05:46 PM by ChristmasHeart ChristmasHeart is offline
  2. Old Comment
    xmas365's Avatar
    You always have been and are special, and you do matter. Not only on this site but everywhere, you are a wonderful human being and if someone doesn't want to get to know you they do not know what a wonderful person you are. Clancy sounds like a great dog, I am not a dog person, I actually fear them a little, and I had dogs all while growing up. I saw the pictures of your nativity in your photo albums, and I thought that was a cute idea.
    Posted 09-04-2010 at 09:21 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline

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