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When the Dog Bites

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Posted 09-09-2010 at 08:21 PM by Jeff Westover

I should write a book about the correspondence I receive through My Merry Christmas.

Most of it is kind-hearted. Christmas blesses the lives of many because it is so easy to share. And that is why, I think, many people reach out to say things when they see something on these pages.

But occasionally I get snarling, nasty emails from folks.

You would think they would bring it to the pages of the forums. But honestly, they are almost always cloaked in the anonymity of the Internet. Most are submitted without real names or returnable email addresses. They simply rage and disappear, content I suppose in knowing that they told me.

Their complaints run the gamut:

"Your site is too Christian!"

"Santa is a fraud (and so are you!)"

"Hell has a spot reserved for sick weirdos who put up websites like this."

"Christmas, like religion, is just a virus of the mind."

"Why you would support a season of gluttony and greed is beyond me. Christmas is a sickness."

These are actual quotes, believe it or not.

I some times wish I could give them the satisfaction of knowing that what they say upsets me.

But honestly, it doesn't.

Most of the time, I laugh at it. Most of the time, it makes me a little sad to know how ignorant they are. Most of the time, it rolls off of me like so much of the absurdity spewed from the lips of our politicians.

Most of the time.

But every once in a while I have to confess to feeling their sting just a little bit.

Not that they could ever convince me they are right.

But more that our job here is never done. We still have mountains to climb.

The simple mission of My Merry Christmas is to wish the world a Merry Christmas.

That's it.

But in my heart, there is power within those words, "Merry Christmas".

But no matter how many web pages I build or websites I launch or features I provide that teach the goodness of the season they will never get it.

Christmas just isn't something you read. Converts are not born in a momentary flash of inspiration or revelation.

Christmas is simply something you do. It is, in the simplest term, a verb.

And the doing, as Dr. Seuss so capably said, isn't in a wrapped package, a decorated tree or bought at the store.

When the dog bites my only defense is to think of those things I know Christmas to be.

And then click "delete".
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  1. Old Comment
    [B]Oh Jeff. Amen !!! On the mark 100%. I always say "MERRY CHRISTmas" And when I encounter folks who knock Christmas, I just say Merry CHRISTmas even more because there IS indeed power in those 2 Words. Thank you. You are such an inspiration. May God Always Bless you and I personally thank you for this wonderful site. [/B]
    Posted 09-09-2010 at 08:41 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    ChristmasHeart's Avatar
    I was actually quite shocked to read that you receive emails saying such things. I sat here with my mouth wide open - and shaking my head. Imagine...those people who send you nasty emails like that - to actually go out of their way and do that...I cannot help but think that there must be a certain level of deep sadness in their lives or emotional and/or spiritual problems. Almost makes you feel sorry for them, as they do not know how it is to feel the joy and happiness that Spirit of Christmas brings!

    I, for one - and I'm sure the others here and on the merry networks truly thankful and grateful for the work you and your teams have done and for bringing this most wonderful and merry site to us!

    There was a time that I thought there were not any other's like me. But because of you...I have met so many others who share in the Christmas Spirit all year long! What a blessing that is!

    Thank you, Jeff...and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    Posted 09-10-2010 at 06:18 AM by ChristmasHeart ChristmasHeart is offline
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