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Angels Of MMC

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Posted 09-15-2010 at 12:23 PM by caninemom3
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This past Sunday, September 12, was my birthday. I know some of you remember from a previous blog I had written that I was very sad. I really did not have many good expectations for that day. I was thankfully surprised. I logged on to work that morning and on a break decided to check the forums of MMC. WOW. That is all I can say. I went to the Christmas Countdown thread and there Maureen had started a thread called "Happy Birthday Caninemom3". That in and of itself started tears rolling down my cheeks. To think that someone I have never met thought it was important to recognize my birthday was more than I could bear. As I clicked on the thread there were already several birthday wishes for me. Needles to say I was quite weepy in a good way throughout that day. Every time I looked, there were more and more birthday wishes from the members here on MMC. You are all SO AMAZING !!

Because of all of you, my sadness turned into hopefulness. Because of all of you I felt like I MATTERED. It may have seemed such a small thing to post "happy birthday" but it was very wondrous and sent my spirit soaring. Could it be that I DO matter ?? Could it be that I am not worthless ?? Yes, it just could be. I have always felt (even though some of you will think I am crazy) that God guided me to this amazing family of Christmas on the web. Somehow I have become a part of this family and have been welcomed with open arms. That has never happened to me before.

Sometimes just the smallest act of kindness or selflessness is all it takes to matter in the life of someone else, to help a person know that they matter when they are so down on themselves. God has given me a wonderful family here at MMC and I am home. I will always remember this last birthday as being joyful and full of hope and I have God and all of you to thank for it and that is certainly different than the way I thought the day would turn out. Of course, I MUST mention a few very special people I have become close to; special thank you to ChristmasHeart with your always ready for Christmas spirit, to Christmas-A-Holic with your gentle invitation of friendship and love of Christmas, to Xmas365 with your always ready encouragement and feedback and quiet Christmas glow about you, to Jimmy Olson for the Christmas magic you sparkle all about you, and to Mr. Westover for always being here whenever any of us needs you, which is the essence of Christmas Spirit in and of itself.

I have a MARVELOUS Christmas Family and I am glad to be part of this miraculous site. Thank you all for the birthday present. It is perhaps the best gift I have ever received.

PS: As Eeyore I HAVE found my tail just as the very wise Xmas365 said I would.
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    Christmas-A-Holic's Avatar
    It is nice to hear that your birthday turned out well. I agree that MMC is full of great and thoughtful people!

    Thanks so much for your kinds words. You are a very nice person with a big heart!
    Posted 09-15-2010 at 05:07 PM by Christmas-A-Holic Christmas-A-Holic is offline

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