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Welcome to our newest member, sonicboomboy
My name is Ron, I am a Christmas nut always have been always will be. I am first and foremost a stay at home dad that has an evening job at a retail/grocery establishment. After my second son was born I stepped down from my management position, so my wife and I don't have to pay for daycare. My wife is a teacher in the town we live, so people recognize us everywhere in our little town.
My wife and I have been married for 9 years. We have 2 boys aged 6 and 3, both are young Christmas nuts.

I have loved Christmas as long as I remember
from seeing the lights on all the houses, to seeing if I could stay awake to see Santa.
Christmas has been the one constant in my life it has always been there for me, through the rough times of my parents divorce when I was 10 y/o or my mother's passing when I was 16.
Everyone always tried to make it something special for myself and sister when we were young no matter what was going on. I now believe that is why I love this time of year more than any other because of the efforts of my family to hold it above any other time of year. I get to make the season special for my boys now, whether it be by playing the music decorating the house and yard or just playing the dvd's. The memories the season has brought have always warm and it is no wonder why I look forward to making more of these memories every year. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. My favorite Christmas artist is Bing Crosby.
Well if I ran on a little bit I am sorry I am new to blogging, it sounds always better in your mind.
I will try to keep posting and making it interesting for all who read.
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Christmas Memories & Long Lost Family

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Posted 11-10-2010 at 10:26 AM by xmas365

I woke up this morning thinking about two different things, both about my past with cousins I haven't seen for a while. My boys have been watching the original Transformers cartoon, now that they are on TV again, my boys are loving it, it may be a little "old" for them, but being a child of the 80's when Ghostbusters and Gremlins were considered family fare, this is pretty harmless. It is fun reliving my childhood with my boys, and seeing how much they love it reminded me how much I loved that show, especially Optimus Prime, we have the great fun realistic looking movies now, and the toys are a lot harder to do, but they are so much cooler looking now. Which brings me to my cousins, they are both older than me but I am only 1 1/2 years younger than my older cousin. We were so close growing up, they lived in the next town and we would go over there house quite often, and they always had the best toys, my oldest cousin was the sports nut, being into baseball, football, and hockey, while the other was into Sci-fi. I had the best of both worlds going over there house, play sports with one, and then play Star Wars or Transformers with the other, hence how I got into the Transformers. They were always there growing up, after my parents divorced we would sleepover their house, and we would call home every night to ask if we could stay over another night, because it was painful being in our own home after, my father moved out. They took our minds off the problems of our home life. As we got older, we moved in to their house after my Mom passed, and we became really close yet again. I emulated my oldest cousin, he was a very handsome young man, had a beautiful girlfriend, or dates, and was the most popular guy in school, I was this shy guy who couldn't speak to any girls without getting nervous. He could have had everything but when his family moved to Florida, I moved in with my Grandparents a year before that, he was in the Navy, and probably should have stayed in as a lifer, his term ended he moved to Florida and got involved with drugs and the wrong people, he came "home" a few years ago to start over, it looked like he was doing well, my wife and I helped him, took him out of the halfway house, made sure he had someone to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Christmas with, made a special birthday dinner for him, which my Aunt still thanks us for taking care of him. He looked like he was on the right foot, went back to Florida, and got into the same crowd again which this time ruined his life, he now lives in Boston, I believe, but doesn't want any contact from family, and is in assisted living at age 37, he really had everything in the palm of his and threw it away. My other cousin was just as good looking but not as outgoing as his brother, he is a genuinely nice guy, but he had his issues which is he went AWOL from the Marines, that is all I will say about that. After that passed he met a woman, and moved to Germany and married her, he studied to become a chef, which he is now, which is ironic because he suffered from anorexia and bulimia as a teen, I guess having your brother yell "Fat Fat at the bat" when he played baseball doesn't help. He moved home or to Florida and I know he was featured in a newspaper article down there about his career as a chef. He unfortunately has stomach cancer, and he is still doing well, when it was supposed to kill him years ago. I haven't seen him since Christmas '94, the Christmas after my grandfather died. It has been so long since I have seen him, I have run into his ex-girlfriend a few times, and she has spoken to him a few times in the last year. I miss both my cousins, we were like brothers for so long, when the holidays approach I can't help but think of them, going over their house and decorating their tree with so much icicle tinsel you could barely see the lights, or spending Christmas eve and day with them and family. I long for those days 25 years ago, but I now have my own boys to enjoy this time with.

Wherever you are guys, Merry Christmas.
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    [B]Awww, Ron. I am so sorry things turned out like they have with your cousins. How sad that such promise has been put on hold with such obstacles. But you never know, maybe things will turn around yet. I have seen a lot of miracles and there is nothing wrong with hoping. You have your memories of your cousins when you were younger and though not enough, at least it is something to think back on as pleasant. I sincerely hope that somehow, some way things may someday turn around and perhaps you and your cousins will be reunited. And you are right. You have your own boys and they are 2 terrific little guys, and will be terrific men, I can tell. If they are anything like their dad, they have to be !! [/B]
    Posted 11-10-2010 at 11:17 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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