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My Christmas With Nat King Cole

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Posted 01-01-2011 at 07:22 PM by caninemom3

It has often been said that it is not good to dwell too much in the past. Since all of my fondest memories exist in the past that is where I spend a lot of my time, especially at Christmas time. Memories are a funny thing. It takes only a certain mood, a certain fragrance, a certain set of weather conditions or a certain song or piece of music to resurrect memories especially Christmas memories.

All it takes to send me to Christmas past is to hear the first few bars of The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing. Once I hear the first few notes of this beautiful song and the incomparable vocals of Nat King Cole I am immediately 7 years old again.

For me there seems to be a sort of a magic presence in this song. Once it begins I can almost see myself, 7 years old, very shy and with my mom, Suzy, in our kitchen. We are baking Chistmas cookies. My dad is in the living room with Christmas music playing from the TV/Stereo/Radio combination console that used to be sold in the 1960s.

The Christmas Song is playing. I am helping to frost the cookies already baked and my mother seems to do everything at once, frost, mix dough, cut out the cookies (which I also am allowed to help with !!) . We are having such a good time. I can see her. She is about 5 feet tall, a little bit hunched over due to an auto accident when she was a young girl and she barely weighs 90 pounds. She has dark hair and wears glasses and looks very much Native American as that is part of her heritage and she is laughing.

I myself am pretty small with brown hair and seem to have frosting everywhere !! I guess that is pretty typical for a 7 year old. I am so excited !! That year I had asked for a Suzy Smart doll. She talked and had her own school desk and also came with a black board !! I tried to be so good so that Santa would bring her.

My sister is home too. Since I am seeing myself as 7 she is 18. She is home that evening to help out but it is just my mom and I doing the cookies. My sister is putting the finishing touches on the tree. It is an artificial tree but more magnificent than the year before even though it is the same tree.

Later as my mother and I finish up, I get my evening bath and then it is off to bed with me. It is after all Christmas Eve. It is so cold outside and quite snowy. Earlier while taking a break my mother and sister and I listened to carolers on our street singing Away In the Manger and we were all misty eyed as we were in a kind of three way hug while listening.

Once I was in bed, I found I was so excited I could not sleep. My brothers, both teenagers, were out trying to find me and all the family something for Christmas with their meager earnings as paper boys.

I thought I heard Santa's sleigh bells !! (As it turned out it was my brothers getting home carrying a huge stuffed animal dog they had bought for me who was wearing a collar with bells !!) I called to my mom and she came in and told me if I didn't go to sleep Santa wouldn't come !! That was that !! Off to sleep I went though not a very restful one.

I woke up I believe somewhere around 11 p.m. My sister and I shared a room at that time and she was asleep on her side of the bed. I woke her up and said I wanted to go see if Santa came. She said she would make sure the way was clear and came back to get me. Sleepily with my big sister guiding me I stumbled out into the living room. SANTA HAD COME !!!! Hooray !!!! My mom and dad were still up. My mother told me Santa had left a message just for me on my dad's new reel to reel tape recorder !!!!

She quickly rewound it and played it back. There on the tape was a bonified conversation between my mother and Santa himself !!!! She asked him about Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, especially Rudolph as I loved Rudolph which she told him, and also the subject of me came up. He told my mother he thought I had been a good girl that year and she said that was true, I had been !!! I remember asking while my sister and I were standing there why my daddy's voice was not in the conversation and my mother quickly said, "oh well, the recorder evidently didn't record your daddy's voice." I always believed everything my mother told me so the case was closed. For then.

Then my sister escorted me back to bed. Before I knew it morning had come and the opening of the presents began. There in a great big and huge box was my Suzy Smart doll. Santa had brought her along with many other wondrous presents.

All of these memories and more come back to me each time I hear The Christmas Song. Each time I hear it I begin to feel warm and cozy inside and it is Christmas Eve again. That particular Christmas Eve. I have often played The Christmas Song throughout my life when things were not going well or if I felt like I wanted to escape to a happier place and time, a sort of safe haven, and I find that Nat King Cole's voice and the other songs he sings all tend to transport me to a better place than I happen to be at the moment while I am listening. I loved him as a child and I still love him as an adult, perhaps because he turns me back into that child of over 40 years ago when my family were all still alive and life was so innocent and the future was a lot less frightening than it is now.

God bless you Mr. Cole and thank you. I will always love you. xo
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  1. Old Comment
    Very Nice , ! Andy Williams does the same thing for me as well , but Nat King Cole owns this song!!!:snowball:
    Posted 01-01-2011 at 08:24 PM by Shiny Brite Shiny Brite is offline
  2. Old Comment
    xmas365's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your memories, Louanne. Sounds like a really special Christmas Eve.
    Posted 01-01-2011 at 08:50 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    RadioJonD's Avatar
    One can hardly beat those Alabama guys!
    Posted 01-02-2011 at 10:56 AM by RadioJonD RadioJonD is online now

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