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A Dream Of A Dream

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Posted 03-28-2011 at 03:44 PM by caninemom3

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can play funny and quirky tricks on us. They can make us not only tired but sometimes I think bring us to the point of hallucinating if we are tired enough.

Since starting midnight shift for my new job in February I have not slept very well except on my evenings of Friday and Saturday both of which I am off. Then I REALLY sleep. The sleep of exhaustion replete with snoring and (eweeee !!) drooling, the whole nine yards. At least I do manage to get "caught up" somehow on the rest I need.

Today started like so many Mondays. This morning at 7:30 when I finished working, I got a bite of breakfast and then went to bed. The only thing missing was the thing I needed most, sleep. I tried to just relax, tried counting polar bears as one member of MMC member suggested I do (Thanks Track !!) but nothing. Not even drowsy. I got up, I laid back down, I got up, I laid back down. I became even more heavy with exhaustion than before. This sleep business during the day is not something the kids should try at home !

Finally, this afternoon, I decided I maybe felt tired and drowsy enough for another try. I closed the drape in the living room, camped out on the couch with two of my canines and turned Prep and Landing on via the DVR. I don't know what happened next.

The music started for Prep and Landing, which by the way is The Christmas Song sung by Nat King Cole and before I knew it, I was warm and comfortable and dropped right off.

Then the dream came. I dreamt it was Christmas Day. I was at my parents' house. There was a huge inviting fire blazing, fresh pine boughs on the mantle, tree all decked out in its finest just bulging with every size, shape and description of package you could imagine.

More importantly, everyone was there. My parents were there. Somehow in the dream, I realized this WAS a dream and that they were both gone in reality. I rushed over to them and hugged them as tightly as I could. My dad always tried to be gruff (It didn't work) but even he was tender, glad to see me. He had the biggest smile from ear to ear and that glint of mischief in his eyes that he always had at Christmas.

Mom (Susy) was sitting with my dad on the couch and got up to give me hugs. She is about the same height as me and really tiny but she hugged me and told me "welcome home for Christmas, Punkin'" I told them both how much I miss them and how Christmas was not the same without them. They told me they haven't gone anywhere, they still celebrate Christmas with me every year !!

After greeting my mother and dad, I looked around the room. Could it be that my dear brother Andy would be there ?? He was !!!
There he sat, his auburn shoulder length hair, his Fu-Man-Chu moustache and of course all smiles. I ran to him and another hug ensued. Of course he had to say something typically big brother to me about being the baby of the family but he was so glad to see me. My other brother was there too !! Julius, the church going brother, the one who at times was quite hard on Andy because though Andy believed in God, he did not attend church. I was always less close to Julius because in truth he had always been kind of mean to me. He was the baby before I came along and I always thought that was why. But still, it was Christmas and we hugged just as tightly as we could.

Everyone was there. Even David. The man I shared 20 years of my life in marriage with starting when I was 17. Always quiet and shy, he was in a corner of the living room where he was not well seen at first. When I did catch sight of him once again I rushed over to him. I had so many questions, the most important of which was "Are you alright ?" "Are you at peace ?" I remember looking really deeply into his eyes as he answered and yes, he was definitely fine and at peace so I was content.

It was such a happy scene. Nat King Cole was singing in the background from the radio and we began to share Christmas. I can't tell you what the gifts were. I just remember the greatest gift was seeing them all again, sharing Christmas with them as a family the way we used to do. We even sang Christmas carols !! My sister was there as she is the only one still alive from our family besides me and her voice was just beautiful as it is in life.

About an hour or so must have passed and I began to wake up. We were just sitting down to Christmas dinner. Somehow, since dreams can be very odd, I knew I was waking up. All gathered around me and told me They would all be waiting for me and when I came again it would be Christmas all over again and that perhaps the next time I could stay longer.

I awoke feeling so refreshed, so happy !! I found my family. Maybe it was "just a dream" from being so sleep deprived or perhaps it was a little bit more. I prefer to think my family wanted to give their "baby of the family" an early present this year and it is a gift though real or not I will carry with me and feel the glow from in my heart for a long time.
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  1. Old Comment
    xmas365's Avatar
    I had a dream like that about my mother once, it felt so real, almost like a parallel plain in between life and death. I swear I could feel the warmth of life when I hugged her and talked to her about her grandkids, I remember waking up feeling like I had a little bit of closure, it was an amazing feeling.
    That dream sounds amazing, maybe there is something to it.
    Posted 03-28-2011 at 07:53 PM by xmas365 xmas365 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    trackrebel's Avatar
    wow...what an awesome dream....I am sure it came from God to show You that Your family is doing good and is always with You
    Posted 03-30-2011 at 05:26 AM by trackrebel trackrebel is offline

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