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Welcome to our newest member, gorcidurch
My name is Ron, I am a Christmas nut always have been always will be. I am first and foremost a stay at home dad that has an evening job at a retail/grocery establishment. After my second son was born I stepped down from my management position, so my wife and I don't have to pay for daycare. My wife is a teacher in the town we live, so people recognize us everywhere in our little town.
My wife and I have been married for 9 years. We have 2 boys aged 6 and 3, both are young Christmas nuts.

I have loved Christmas as long as I remember
from seeing the lights on all the houses, to seeing if I could stay awake to see Santa.
Christmas has been the one constant in my life it has always been there for me, through the rough times of my parents divorce when I was 10 y/o or my mother's passing when I was 16.
Everyone always tried to make it something special for myself and sister when we were young no matter what was going on. I now believe that is why I love this time of year more than any other because of the efforts of my family to hold it above any other time of year. I get to make the season special for my boys now, whether it be by playing the music decorating the house and yard or just playing the dvd's. The memories the season has brought have always warm and it is no wonder why I look forward to making more of these memories every year. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. My favorite Christmas artist is Bing Crosby.
Well if I ran on a little bit I am sorry I am new to blogging, it sounds always better in your mind.
I will try to keep posting and making it interesting for all who read.
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    Santa Claus & Me

    [B]I agree with Mr. Westover. Bravo to you Ron !! What sweet memories. Thank you for sharing them. You are such an amazing writer. You know what, though ? I still believe in Santa to this day in some ways though I am the old age of 56 !! Nobody can EVER take him from me. xo[/B]
    Posted 12-08-2010 at 04:14 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar

    Santa Claus & Me

    Bravo, and amen.
    Posted 12-08-2010 at 01:49 AM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
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    gabulldawg's Avatar

    When Did I get Old?

    Great blog! I can identify with all you just said. my hair is turning grey which I thought would bother me,but as I think about it, at least I still have hair,but I do feel old because I dont know who the heck Justin bieber is nor do I care..and I use to keep up with all the pop culture stuff like that. They often say life just begins at 40,hope that is the case!
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 08:00 AM by gabulldawg gabulldawg is offline
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar

    My Ridiculous Christmas T-Shirt Collection

    That's awesome! I've heard of a lot of Christmas collectibles but this one is unique! Nice.
    Posted 11-30-2010 at 05:45 PM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
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    My Ridiculous Christmas T-Shirt Collection

    Thank you so much for sharing !! What a wonderful collection. My very favorite is the one which says simple Yuletide. I only have 1 shirt myself and it says something like Jesus Is The Reason For The Season !!
    Posted 11-30-2010 at 09:38 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    MMC and Our Kittens

    Thank you for the update on the babies !!! I hope you will get to spend more time here soon. You always have such wonderful blogs and I look forward to your postings !!!! Take care if Gomez should need a new home......I have an idea where he might find one !! Have a great afternoon/evening.
    Posted 11-22-2010 at 12:50 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    Christmas Memories & Long Lost Family

    [B]Awww, Ron. I am so sorry things turned out like they have with your cousins. How sad that such promise has been put on hold with such obstacles. But you never know, maybe things will turn around yet. I have seen a lot of miracles and there is nothing wrong with hoping. You have your memories of your cousins when you were younger and though not enough, at least it is something to think back on as pleasant. I sincerely hope that somehow, some way things may someday turn around and perhaps you and your cousins will be reunited. And you are right. You have your own boys and they are 2 terrific little guys, and will be terrific men, I can tell. If they are anything like their dad, they have to be !! [/B]
    Posted 11-10-2010 at 11:17 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    snowytree's Avatar

    I Cannot Wait

    I think that is a great idea, take some time to really enjoy Christmas..that's what I fully intend on doing with my husband and kids
    Posted 10-27-2010 at 08:07 AM by snowytree snowytree is offline
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    snowytree's Avatar

    Xmas365 & Sons Light & Design

    Seems like you have already put alot of thought into it..if you have a passion for this type of work then maybe you could consider it. I spent several years of my life deciding to go back to school...and now here I am going to college. Never give up on the dreams, sometimes they can become a reality. Good luck!
    Posted 10-20-2010 at 01:45 PM by snowytree snowytree is offline
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    Xmas365 & Sons Light & Design

    [B]Ron, I think it is brilliant !! If you ever do it, let me know, please because you will already have a customer !!!! And Jeff is right.....nothing wrong with dreams ![/B]
    Posted 10-18-2010 at 01:56 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar

    Xmas365 & Sons Light & Design

    Speaking as one who has worked his Christmas hobby for years my advice is to do it -- without delay. Start small, keep investments very conservative and pay as you go. That has worked well for me and I've never regretted it. It may not support your life now but -- who knows? -- maybe down the road you'll have something to really grow.

    I'm a big believer in dreams.
    Posted 10-18-2010 at 09:35 AM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar

    I Talked To God Last Night

    Good for you, Ron. Gratitude is an outstanding attribute and it humbles me to know that there are still people out there who look towards the heavens to say thanks before they shake their fist at the sky in anger or drill with questions like "Why?"

    So many think things happen because God wills it.

    I don't believe that. I believe God planned this experience for us because he loves us. He knows some of it wouldn't be great and that some of it might be painful. That is, after all, how we learn. It is, after all, learning that made Him God. What father wouldn't want what he has for his children?

    But you're right. Through thick and thin he is here for us. If we have a grateful heart we will have the ears to hear him.
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 05:41 PM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
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    Jeff Westover's Avatar

    Falling off the Christmas Bandwagon

    This sounds all too familiar to me. I was there, just months ago.

    The anxiety, the pressure and the not knowing were just so intense.

    When it finally happened to me, I was relieved. That's weird to say -- that losing your job and your stability and your security and all means the end of the world.

    At least that was what I felt on May 6th. On the morning of May 7th, I discovered something I didn't expect.

    Now that it had finally happened I was back in control. Gone with that job were all the pressures of it: the weird politics, the unspoken tension, the inevitable ongoing business losses -- it was all gone and all I had in front of me was opportunity.

    It was quite liberating for me, Ron. Where one door closes another opens. I learned I likely should have left six months or more before they canned me -- so I could have gone on with the rest of my life.

    I'm not making the money I once was. I've taken tremendous risks. And I'm having the time of my life now, working harder than I think I ever have.

    Christmas, I think, is exempted from the world of worry. It is the only thing through out the year that I really ever stop for -- and DO. It is that important.

    You're that type of guy. You get that.

    You'll be back, I'm sure of it.
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 05:36 PM by Jeff Westover Jeff Westover is online now
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    I Talked To God Last Night

    Ron, now it is I who am in tears. What a wonderful thing and beautiful blog. Yes, He is ALWAYS there for you, for all of us. I don't mean to sound like I am preaching but He loves you, all of us more than any of us could EVER know ! God does not ask that you be perfect. He is already perfect and having lived in human form, he knows how humans "roll" as it were. He is a father. The eternal father. Even though an earthly child may turn away from its father, that father never turns his back on his child. He just waits still loving and waiting. So it is with our eternal Father. All He wants is your heart, not perfection. Even when it feels like He is not there, that is when He is the closest to us. At least that is the way I have always felt. No matter what I have done or said (and BELIEVE ME I have said some THINGS to Him) He ALWAYS welcomes me with warmth and love and forgiveness and it is the same for all of us.
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 05:33 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
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    Christmas-A-Holic's Avatar

    I Talked To God Last Night

    WOW! Your story made me tear up. I am so happy that you found comfort in God.

    God accepted your apology right then and there when you said you were sorry. He is loving and forgiving.

    This is all a blessing for your entire family.

    I will say an extra prayer for you. Have a blessed day my friend!
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 04:59 PM by Christmas-A-Holic Christmas-A-Holic is offline
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    Seawaters's Avatar

    Falling off the Christmas Bandwagon

    Great comment, jimmyolsen!! You can get back on that bandwagon, xmas365. Just Do It!!! Pretty soon, you WILL start feeling better! Listen to MCR. That will definitely get you in the spirit.

    Cherylle in CA
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 04:58 PM by Seawaters Seawaters is offline
  17. Old Comment

    Falling off the Christmas Bandwagon


    From the situation you've described, it makes sense you'd feel bummed.

    At the moment, all you can do is care of yourself and your family. Do what you can to raise your spirits. And count your blessings, because even with your job situation being what it is, if you have a family, you are blessed.

    Don't write off your entire holiday season because of how you feel at the moment.

    Maybe you scale back. Maybe the gifts are more modest, and the decorations more understated, because that's where you are.

    It doesn't change anything. You know that Christmas is about love. It's about Christ's love for you, your love for Him, and for your love for your family.

    When the time comes, you'll feel that. And you'll be back on the bandwagon again.

    It's easy to stare at your problems, until that dark spot takes up our entire field of view. Step back a bit. Look at all those wonderful things in your life outside work.

    Either your job will improve, and you'll be happy with your work, or you'll leave and find something new, where you'll be happy with your work.

    Either way, you will be happy again.

    The interesting thing about people who believe in Christmas, when they need their Christmas Spirit most, they don't have to go looking for it.

    It finds them.

    Yours will find you, because you want it to.

    Hang in there...
    Posted 10-13-2010 at 01:54 PM by jimmyolsen jimmyolsen is offline
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    Playing the Christmas Waiting Game

    Thanks Ron !! Glad you are feeling better today. Thank you for such a wonderful blog which feels like Christmas !
    Posted 10-07-2010 at 12:14 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
  19. Old Comment

    Come On Get Happy

    [B]Ron, I think we all feel like this sometimes. I know for myself right now there are issues with us trying to get a loan for a new furnace which nobody will give us and if we don't get a new furnace we will not have one for Winter and that is a scary thought. Life just gets tough, as you well know. Don't force yourself to be happy, you can't anyway. As the saying goes for you and for me and all others experiencing difficulties, "This too shall pass." I hope you will be feeling better soon. [/B]
    Posted 10-07-2010 at 04:37 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
  20. Old Comment


    Ron, you are a nice guy first and foremost and you proved by this blog that nice guys DO finish first. I love the glimpses I have gotten of your humor !! It takes a lot more in life to be a NICE GUY than it does to be one who is not. It takes respect for others and unselfishness among other things. I am sure your mom is so proud of you and I thank you for being my very good Christmas friend who I am very proud to know.
    Posted 09-28-2010 at 02:36 PM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline

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