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The Excitement Is Building!

Posted 12-18-2008 at 11:01 AM by RadioJonD (Tinseled Musings from a Yule Tuned Mind)

The weekend before Christmas is always the most enjoyable part of the season for me! Thatís when all of my favorite radio shows air their Christmas specials! Of course, you already knew that didnít you?

As a Christmas music junkie looking for a fix, nothing can be finer than listening to all the special radio shows featuring great Tunes of Yule that more than likely wonít be heard anywhere else on the radio dial.

Some commercial broadcast stations have been playing non-stop Christmas music since before Thanksgiving! For the casual music listener the same twenty-five to one hundred tried and true Christmas traditional over and over again might be okay; ainít nothing wrong with that! However, what bugs us deep music aficionados the most is all the wasted music overlooked by mainstream media! There are literally tons of offerings out there by artists ten times better than what youíll hear on corporate broadcast vampire radio!

That is why...
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Black Friday Indeed

Posted 11-29-2008 at 12:09 PM by Jeff Westover (A Merry Blog)

For years I've been one of the masses who descend upon stores on Black Friday.

I rarely, if ever, made a purchase.

My purpose in venturing out has been to visit those employees I have who draw the unlucky assignment to work in malls opening as early as midnight and to merely people-watch. I always considered it more of a professional endeavor than a personal outing. I wanted to see what the consumer was going to do for Christmas and Black Friday has never failed to deliver for me.

In years past, I have been amused mostly by the crowds on Black Friday.

A few years back one of my stores had to open at 12:01 a.m. because the mall was having a "Shop til you Drop" promotion that had stores open for nearly 24 hours the day after Thanksgiving.

That event, widely advertised on radio and television here locally in Utah, brought almost 10,000 to one single mall. It took more than 45 minutes for me to walk -- shoulder to shoulder...
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Christmas Elves

Posted 11-25-2008 at 03:13 PM by Mumof2

I was thinking about those Memories you have as a kid.You know them,the one's where you get into a day dream and boom your smiling and giggling in the middle of Stoppy (stop & shop,our grocery store here) something in the isle made you go back 10,20,even longer maybe.maybe a smell?a sound? whatever it was,it's like a time Machine brought you there.I know for me Im pretty happy after special thoughts like that.So I thought I'd share one with Ya's...

I was sitting in my Parlor and my dad came into the room he told me and my brother Kevin to get our Jackets and all,we are going out for a few. We looked at eachother and shrugged,ok. So in a flash we were out the door,down the stairs and piling into the car.
My dad drove us to another Neighborhood,not to far from our own.He drove onto a narrow street and parked at the end.He turned to us and said" I want you both togo to the brown 6 decker knock on this apt.# and when they answer do NOT tell them who you are,Just...
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My Handmade Stocking Holders

Posted 11-21-2008 at 08:11 AM by CandyCanesnews (CandyCanesnews Merry Blog)

I searched and searched for ideas on how to make my own stocking holders and couldn't find any ideas that I wanted to try. After much thought and a visit to the Dollar Tree I came up with my own idea.

I found some small tin Christmas pails and some Christmas ribbon with wire-edges and some small ball ornaments.

I'm going to hot glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom of each pail and tie or hot glue a small ornament at the bottom of the other end of the ribbon. Then I will fill the pails with small rocks to make them heavy enough to hold the stockings and then it will be ready to hang my stockings on the end and the ball ornament will keep them from falling off the ribbon. Of course when I fill the stockings Christmas eve I'll take them off and lie them under the tree.

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Symbols of the Season Gift Ornaments - Craft

Posted 11-21-2008 at 07:46 AM by CandyCanesnews (CandyCanesnews Merry Blog)

[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]These symbolic ornaments would make a perfect Christmas gift.[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS][/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Items needed:[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]6 plain glass ornaments[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]glue or spray adhesive[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]glitter[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]acrylic paint or paint on snow (optional)[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]cut out designs from wrapping paper, cards, etc, or stickers[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]ribbon[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]small tags[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS][/FONT][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#003300][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Images for the ornaments and...
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