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Moved in..Almost.

Posted 05-19-2011 at 01:03 PM by Mumof2

So We finally made it "Down the Bayou" kids and pets were excellent.Im pooped! moved in all the furniture,put some boxes in the barn and slowly going through everything.
House is so cute,My Husband as usual did an amazing job picking it out.My kids and the pup will have plenty of room to roam,plus there's a lil farm at the end of our street that they can go and feed some of the animals. I have been brainstorming as to where im gonna put our tree.
I also have plenty of room to put another tree in the super excited hubby just smiled and the kids laughed.
weather is warm during the day and cool at night.
Its working out better than I thought it would,kids are happy and so am I.
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Posted 03-18-2011 at 10:39 AM by Mumof2

When I was around 12 or so My Father told me "one day Baby,a man will come along and break your heart".This was a direct reaction from my older sister's seperation and adventual divorce.Then he added like every Father Would,Me and your Brothers will break his knee caps.Breaking of the knees is a recurring theme in Boston,its better then cement shoes I guess.
My Father's "Anniversary" is coming up.10 years he'll be gone for.It's also my Father In Laws Birthday.Yes,You heard right.It's a weird thing.Happy Birthday Mr.Marco! I miss you Daddy.In some way I can see my Father giggling about it.not that he was mean,just a big jokester.Kinda like never forget I could.Most of my blogs are about my dad,he was unique.I know everyone is,but unlike my friends fathers my dad stood out.He never went beyond the 5th grade,yet could come up with an invention in no time.needed a math problem? no problem for him he was a human calculator,spelling problems? goto him.He was...
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The Christmas Picture

Posted 08-19-2010 at 02:53 PM by Mumof2

I think of my Father often.I miss him even more when I know he'd get a kick outta something.I was answering a Question when this memory popped into my head and like always I smiled and then let out a sigh,Knowing I cannot call him.Im just glad he left me with so many wonderful memories..

My father was a big Christmas Nut (wonder where I get it from) He couldnt wait to get the tree and Decorations up.Me and Kevin couldn't wait until mum & dad put the lights on the tree.Nothing more hilarious than my 5ft Mum and my 6ft dad fighting about the lights!After the Battle I'd call the rest of our Brothers and Sisters to tell them Yet again our tiny Mum had
So when fake trees came out my mum got him a mini one.For Years this thing stayed decorated and lit up.Finally it burnt out and my father was heartbroken,it was summer so It would be awhile before we could get him another one.So I went into my stash of coloring books and picked out my masterpiece,colored that...
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Only Me...

Posted 07-23-2010 at 04:24 PM by Mumof2

Can go on Vacation and end up in the Hospital...For years I have had serious problems with my ears.Hearing is bad,and infections set in every month or so.I can't swim underwater,need to use ear plugs when I take a bath or shower.Been to an ENT,she was a joke..told many times its earwax,really? earwax does this? Id ask my horrible doctor.My ears would swell up,become so tender and horribly sore Id end up eating advil like candy.then a few days later pus(I know,its gross) would drain.
3 Years I've been enduring this and for 3 years my incompitent Doctor has been say Earwax build up!!
So here it is June 30th late night and Im in aggony! Ive eaten Tylenol,Advil and tried to relax.But the pain is unbelieveable.
July 1ST I arrive at the Hospital in tiny Cut Off,La. and the nurse asks me what is the pain level? without skippin a beat I say "I'd rather give birth again,Naturally".and I was not kiddin'.I would rather be in labor again with my daughter who was 9lbs,23in...
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Posted 05-03-2009 at 04:17 PM by Mumof2

There is nothing worse than fighting within yourself.What I mean is,Feelings that seem to take ahold of you and start to wring around you like a snake choking out its prey.I had the baby blues after my daughter,Isabella was born but nothing like this.I mean I didn't wanna go out,work,see friends,family or take calls from them.

I have always been an outdoor kinda gal! swimming,walking,biking etc..but this darn thing took ahold of me and I gained a bunch of weight!! yuck! I want my body back! more important I want my head back!

I can remember being on here and happy,playing out in the snow during the winter,playing with the kids in the fall.and you couldnt get me outta the water when the summer's here.but man it hit me out of nowhere in Feb. and Ive been Oscar the Grouch ever since! Ive since learned that for some reason this runs in my family,but the kicker is it strikes in our 30's! um,hello a lil warning woulda been nice.not like im an only kid here. 4 brothers...
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