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My Merry Christmas Announcement

Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.
Forum Rules
General Rules
Thank you for joining us at My Merry PLEASE READ THESE RULES before posting anything on the forums.

~. We welcome members from anywhere in the world. For the benefit of our member majority, all posts should be written in English.

~ All members have limited read-only access to public forum areas. To access and post in all areas a Platinum Membership is required.

~ If you wish to advertise your products, services or websites we offer several ways to do so:
- Buy an appropriate level of membership access. Platinum Members can have links and images in signatures and have access to the entire site.
- Post in appropriate areas of the Merry Marketplace. We have a place to post items for sale or to showcase a website.
- Purchase advertising space. Please Contact Us for more information.
- Utilize the several free linking options we offer through and

~ Abuse or harassment of any type of other members via public or private areas will not be tolerated.

~ Chats and private messaging services are logged. Abuse or harassment of any type in non-public communications will not be tolerated.

~ My Merry Christmas reserves the right to edit, censor, move or remove any post or article we deem inappropriate.

~ Do not post material lifted from copyrighted sources. Your post will be deleted and repeat offenses may result in banning.

~ Christmas is both a sacred and a secular holiday. We welcome those of all views to our forums. Please be respectful of other people's views. Those who purposely antagonize or demean the opinions of others will be removed.
We don't want to ban you and you don't want to be banned. PLEASE KNOW THESE RULES.
 I have read, and agree to abide by the Merry Forums of My Merry Christmas rules.