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RadioJonD 06-21-2011 10:09 AM

The Future of FaLaLaLaLa - A Crossroads
The following was posted by the webmaster at FaLaLaLaLa today. Whatever the future of The Fa, you deep diving vinyl seeking Yule tune aficionados will need to take a look/second look around over there, download what’s available, and bookmark some links.

This one will hurt if it goes away. Click here if you want to keep up with the discussion.

From the site:

The Future of FaLaLaLaLa - A Crossroads

« on: Today at 01:51:44 AM »

As we're coming up on Christmas-and-a-Half, I feel I need to share some thoughts about the site...

I find myself at a crossroads with FaLaLaLaLa at the moment. I'll be honest and say up front that I am seriously considering bowing out of FaLaLaLaLa or taking a backseat to new management.

It's basically a number of situations/events/trends that have me thinking of passing the operation on to other hands.

The hard drive that housed all of my basic FaLaLaLaLa files (logos, cover artwork, album rips in process, Photoshop files, etc.) completely died beyond repair and for some reason no backups can be found. I still have all of my already ripped and released music as well as any images, etc. that are actually on the web server. But all the rest is gone. This is fairly disheartening, as you can imagine. While this isn't the main reason behind my feelings, it's certainly added to my ambivalence.

I've moved (to Canada) and am living in a smaller space, with very little room to house the vinyl I do have, let alone to set up space for ripping. It seems that the logistics of this part of the process just add quite a bit of complexity to my home life that I could do without. (Not that I've been ripping and releasing much of my own collection in recent years anyway...)

I also really feel that the digital music landscape is really changing and wonder if there's really a place for FaLaLaLaLa as it is currently constructed. I think more of the old music is finding its way to commercial release (even if some it is through needle drops of questionable quality). And there are new laws in the pipeline that I think will make the site a likelier target for legal action. It's not something that keeps me up nights or that, by itself, affects my current thinking. But it's certainly an important factor to consider.

It's been my opinion for several years now, that the site could really excell most by being a repository for information about all things Christmas music. I have talked repeatedly about really building the wiki because I see that as the future. It would be great to have a place where people could look up an old Sinatra song and find out what albums AND CD's AND MP3 downloads it appears on (with links to purchase whatever they want). (Include some expert reviews as well as some advice on which are the best recordings/masterings, AND where to find an album that was released under a different title/cover.) Add to that the ability to find out who else performed that song, etc., etc. and it would be killer. And we have the people to do it.

But I don't think it's a project that I can take on, partly because I really don't enjoy immersing myself in Christmas music when it's 'out of season'. I just don't want to do it in March and July and September. And when the season comes along there's just too much else to do. If it's going to be done right it needs to be worked on year round. And we all know that's not my thing.


I'm looking to see if any of the dedicated regulars out there (Ernie, Stubby, etc.) might be interested in taking over and building the next generation of FaLaLaLaLa. I'd like to still be involved in some way(s), but I think the future is one that is more collaborative and takes advantage of the best of what we've built already.

I want to see what ideas are out there and what folks thing about the future and how to proceed.

Feel free to discuss here (or privately with me via email).

I know that the people here are some of the best around and I'm looking forward to seeing where we can go.


aka The King of Jingaling

P.S. I may be looking for a new home for a few hundred LP's....

xmas365 06-21-2011 11:33 AM

I have visited there in the last few weeks and wondering what has been going on. Thanks for posting.

RadioJonD 06-21-2011 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by xmas365 (Post 350626)
I have visited there in the last few weeks and wondering what has been going on. Thanks for posting.

You are welcome!

I should have pointed out too that if you enter by the front door over at The Fa, you get a down for maintenance message.

The forums may be accessed directly at .

dvdelf 06-21-2011 04:22 PM

this would stink

AuntieMistletoeDear 09-05-2011 06:16 AM

Sheesh! :???: I missed this one.

I was just thinking on Friday while listening to some merry tunes at work that I was going to spend more time at Brad's Fa this year as I didn't make it around there much last year and truly enjoy it.

:)) Sure hope Ernie thinks about taking it on so it doesn't fall away.

RadioJonD 09-05-2011 07:51 AM

Brad has had a lot happening with the big move (from the U.S. to Canada) for his family and new jobs. We all know how more responsibility and life changes can change one's priorities! He's not as active on FaceBook either.

Anyway, the forums over at the Fa will be active as ever I figure. We will just not have the blog & ADVENTure in Carols from Brad. If you think about it, Ernie, Stubby,Der Bingle, and Dinsdale Kringle (also a member here) pretty much fill the gap anyway. I hope to put up at least one share this year (beware, it's cheese!) at the Fa.

Here is the latest from Brad. You'll notice nods to other blogs that always share out of print Christmas albums. Since we can't post more than three links per message here, follow Brad's links at the source. He posted this on September 2, 2011:

For various personal reasons I have decided to step away from FaLaLaLaLa for the 2011 holiday season.

I am considering changing the focus of the site or passing it on to others to take over. But I decided that the best option was to not rush into any decision and to take a year off.

So, inspired by Santa in The Year Without A Santa Claus, I’m taking the holiday off. At this point I don’t expect to blog and don’t plan on creating the annual ADVENTure in Carols mix. I may run items from some other blogs on these pages or I may not. There’s also the possibility that I won’t be able to stand being out of the loop and may start it back up. But for now the intention is to step back and reassess what means.

Do not worry. The very popular (and informative and friendly…) forums will remain open. That has become an important gathering place for friends and fans that I could not close that down. (If there’s any place on this site you’re likely to find me come December, that will be it.)

Thanks for all your friendship and support. In the absence of FaLaLaLaLa, I HIGHLY recommended the following sources:

Ernie (not Bert)

Stubby’s House of Christmas

Hi-Fi Holiday

Merry and Bright

Santa’s Working Overtime

Big Balls of Holly

Ho ho ho!

AuntieMistletoeDear 09-05-2011 09:08 AM

cheesy Thanks RJD.

Storeytime 09-13-2011 10:25 PM

I love that site and hate to hear that he won't be involved this year. But, I totally understand as I have had to step back and re-evalutate a lot of things at this point in my life and try to focus on some things that have been neglected for a while.

AuntieMistletoeDear 01-01-2012 06:10 PM

Ho-Ho-Hey! :-P maybe you should toss Ernie our merry link and see if he wants to join our merry forum - I'm just saying ...

RadioJonD 01-01-2012 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by AuntieMistletoeDear (Post 413442)
Ho-Ho-Hey! :-P maybe you should toss Ernie our merry link and see if he wants to join our merry forum - I'm just saying ...

The forums at the Fa were as active as in years past. Ernie even ralled the troops to put together an ADVENTure In Carols as a salute to the King. I contributed a track. The comp will be available soon or you can go to the forums and download them individualy.

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