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holidaytwinkle5289 11-10-2013 12:57 PM

Black Friday Shopping Routine
Hey guys!

Black Friday is quickly approaching and although I might be working the latter half of the day, I am still hitting the stores. What's your BF shopping routine? Mines:

Thanksgiving: All Day with Family
10pm-3am: Pre-Black Friday Nap
4am: Starbucks Run then Macys or JCPenney / Best Buy
5am: Department Stores
6am-1pm: Mall Shopping, Lunch.

Normally end around 2! Although I do hate the craziness during Black Friday, it's became a yearly tradition for my family to spend time together and get out the house! LOL :razz:

Christmasstar 11-10-2013 07:50 PM

do not cross the boarder,stay here in Canada where it is safe! LOL

Jeff Westover 11-10-2013 09:00 PM

Mine's pretty easy:

Thanksgiving: All day with family, food and maybe peeking a little at Amazon online.

Friday: Sleeping it off, eating leftovers, decorating, watching movies. Definitely watching the lightning deals on Amazon.

I'm retired when it comes to going to stores.

ballcoach 11-10-2013 09:12 PM

Thanksgiving 5:30 or 6:00 am- I get up and go to the newpaper stand and buy the newpaper that has all the ads in it!

Thanksgiving morning...later...-coffee and the ads...I love it with the parade.

Thankgiving with family....

That night...we will watch tv and look at the ads again....

Friday...sleep late....hang out...around 2 or 3 pm...we go out for a leisurely stroll in the a little shopping. We are pretty laid back...but we like to go out!

LollipopPugs 11-10-2013 10:10 PM

Honestly, I've never been out on a Black Friday. I'm usually too tired but, the last couple of years I've been curious about it. I hope to make it my first time this year. My husband and I are due for a new T.V. so maybe a good deal on one would make us brave the crowds. :)

Mumof2 11-11-2013 10:03 AM

Turkey Day cooking,watching parades,relaxing with my kids. this year we'll be going home to Boston for Thanksgiving with my mum,sister's,niece & nephew and 2 of my brothers will pop in. My other 2 brothers will be with their in-laws.
I'd really like to go out this year,my daughter wants to come. If we don't we'll come back home on Friday and decorate the tree.

Woody67 11-11-2013 08:14 PM

My alma mater plays it's last regular season football game each Friday after thanksgiving, so no shopping and that's the way I like it.

I like to go to the mall to see the decorations, but you'd have to pay me to go shopping on Black Friday.

I do most of my Christmas shopping from local shops or online. We don't really buy expensive gifts, so the incentive isn't that great.

But more power to those who love Black Friday.

Neotericisis 11-12-2013 09:05 AM

Thanksgiving day: Celebrating with my inlaws. I LOVE that my husband's grandmother always has Thanksgiving over there- I just cook one dish and clean my kitchen and I am done!

10pm Thursday: Black Friday time!! The last time my husband accompanied me to black friday was 2 yers ago when our son was 2 (he fell asleep in the shopping cart- we used our jackets as a mattress!) I am not sure if my husband is coming out this year, but his job is finally giving him the day after thanksgiving off so he may come out. I would rather him come out because he can stay on the line for a big ticket item and/or checkout while I grab last minute stuff. Prior to having our son he would charge his phone, find a "seat" in a fairly empty aisle, and hold the cart while I made trips and dumped the goodies in the cart. Hopefully we can find a babysitter for our son and do this again!

Walmart- I love that Walmart is open 24/hours. Its a catch 22 because I feel bad for the workers having to work on Thanksgiving, but this really does help with the crowds and the cold, as well as makes the whole experience safer (remember a few years back when people died due to being trampled?!)

Target- our Target is 3 min. from Walmart so I can zip over to Target. I normally have a list already made from Walmart and Target so I can get everything I need.

Outlet Mall- We have outlets around 30 min. away from us. We normally go there last to see if there are any good sales. We almost always find clothes for ourselves or our son, so we make this trip last LOL!

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